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Q: If I’m not going to use my Noni within 30 days, can I freeze it into 1 oz. cubes and use it as needed?

A: You can certainly freeze Noni, or any other superfruit juice, and use as ice cubes. If your bottle is unopened, it is good for two years. If it is opened and has been out of the refrigerator overnight, it is ok to consume. Superfruit juices should be refrigerated and consumed within 30 days. This is the furthest date we still guarantee it to be safe and effective.

Q: Daily Build capsules have green tea leaf extract in the ingredients. Can you please tell me how many milligrams of caffeine this adds?

A: The Daily Build formula is not intended to provide any added caffeine. While it does contain a green leaf extract, this extract is standardized to provide antioxidant polyphenols and not caffeine. Based on the green tea extract used in Daily Build and the possible amount of naturally-occurring caffeine, the amount would be range somewhere between 0-5 mg per serving.

Q: When it comes to athletes, are there ingredients in our GPS line that will give a false positive on drug tests?

A: Our products, including the GPS line, are made under the strict quality guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration’s current good manufacturing practices (GMPs). GMPs have been established to ensure the safety of dietary supplements. The GPS products are manufactured in an NSF GMP registered facility. A primary issue with unintended athlete doping from dietary supplements occurs as a result of companies selling products not produced in a facility that strictly follows FDA GMPs. All of our products are formulated to not contain any banned substances; however, some herbal metabolites naturally found in Rhodiola have been known to cause issues when consumed in large quantities. Rhodiola is found in both GPS Hydrate and Adapt. When consumed in normal recommended amounts, these products are not likely to cause an issue.  On the NCAA banned list believe it or not is caffeine, which is found in GPS Energize (110 mg per serving).  If someone were to drink 3 or 4 servings of GPS Energize prior to a random drug test, it would likely pose a problem for the athlete. PURE has been selling the GPS products for several years and the company has had no known issues for competitive athletes and drug testing.

Q: I experienced severe diarrhea after starting Capsule Cleanse. Is this normal?

A: Everyone’s body will react differently when introducing a HealthTrim Cleanse product to their daily regimen. Some individuals will be more sensitive than others to the primary ingredient cascara that is found in both the liquid and capsule forms of Cleanse. The main purpose of these products is to get the digestive tract moving and eliminating; however, persistent diarrhea is definitely a problem. These products are intended to be used on a cyclical basis (i.e. for no more than 7 to 10 days) to help the body do its job of eliminating toxins through waste. We recommend discontinuing Cleanse to see if the problem goes away. If it does, slowly reintroduce the product. It is important to start at the smallest possible dose.  Some individuals may need up to 8 capsules to get their digestive tract moving while others may only need 1 capsule. The same is true for the Cleanse in liquid form. You may need to use fewer drops than the recommended dropper full. If diarrhea is not alleviated with discontinuing the product, or worsens, contact a healthcare provider to help determine the cause.

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ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: What product ingredients increase alkalinity levels?

A: Normal pH is around 7.0 or neutral. The time of day or foods you eat may affect your body’s pH level, making it more acid or alkaline. Cayenne pepper is highly alkaline, as are turmeric and garlic. Our Daily Build does contain curcumin (an extract from turmeric). Both Liquid Cleanse and Greens contain turmeric root. The best way to normalize pH levels in the body are to get some form of exercise and drink lots of water. Our Alkaline Water Concentrate utilizes a revolutionary E2 technology to alkalize the water you drink. Thank you.

Q: We have someone interested in the Metabolic ONE as well as the Green Coffee Bean. How long is it suggested one stay on the Metabolic ONE, and can you take both together?

A: There is no minimum amount of time you can use Metabolic ONE. We recommend you take 2-3 capsules 15-20 minutes before breakfast and lunch only since it does contain 88mg of caffeine per serving. Green Coffee Bean contains 5.6mg caffeine per serving. Caffeine affects everyone differently; anyone sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, who is taking any prescription medication, or has a medical condition should consult their healthcare provider before using these products, or considering taking both of them at the same time.

Q: I have an IBO who is taking medications with morning and noon meals. Can the Daily Build capsules be taken at the same time?

A: Your pharmacist is probably the best “expert” to answer your question. Many pharmacists are happy to look at the supplemental facts that their customers bring in. We suggest you take your Daily Build bottle in with you on your next visit and share with them your questions and concerns.

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ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: With CardioClean being discontinued and having IBOs that have seen great results from taking this product, will there be an alternative or are you able to give suggestions as what GP products might be used in place of the CardioClean?

A: At this time, we do not have any plans on producing a product similar to CardioClean.  CardioClean contained B vitamins and folate as well as an antioxidant blend, among other ingredients. Our Daily Build product, a multivitamin with superfruits, greens, sea vegetables, and botanicals, is an excellent source of these ingredients. Mila contains the omega-3 fat ALA, or “alpha-linolenic acid,” which has been shown to support heart health; in fact, studies have illustrated improved cardiovascular health among those with a high intake of ALA-containing goods, like Mila.

Q: Which of our products have glucosamine in them?

A: None of our products contain glucosamine. However, in regards to joint health, L-carnitine is an ingredient in our Recovery and ENERGY products. L-carnitine is an amino acid or building block of proteins. It is important for muscle movement and other body processes. Organic Sulfur and Mangosteen are also beneficial for joint health support.

Q: My son is allergic to turmeric.  Can you tell me the name of your products that contain turmeric?

A: Our Daily Build does contain curcumin (an extract from turmeric). Both Liquid Cleanse and Greens have turmeric root in them.

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ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: How much vitamin C is in Mangosteen?

A: Genesis PURE’s Mangosteen is good source of vitamin C and provides about 12 percent of RDA per 100 grams.

Q: What is the shelf life of Genesis PURE Mila?  Does each bag have an expiration date?

A: Although Mila lasts for a very long time due to its high level of antioxidant, it will eventually expire. Still, its expiration date is far past what any other grain or oil that is similar in composition and benefit to chia would be. An unopened bag of Mila actually has a very long shelf life, up to two years. Mila can actually last up to twice as long in the refrigerator as they do on the shelf. However, if you are consuming Mila on a regular basis, which is the most beneficial way to include it in your diet, you should not have to worry about it sitting in your refrigerator for very long.

Q: I am currently taking a medication that causes constipation.  I have always used Liquid Cleanse and Mila and both have helped greatly but since starting this medicine I feel that I need a little more help.  Do you have any suggestions of other products to take daily to stay regular?

A: Liquid Cleanse is intended for short-term use (7-10 day cycles) every few months. And, half an ounce of Mila contains a hefty 5.5 grams of fiber, important for supporting digestion and helping prevent constipation. We recommend you drink plenty of water, but most importantly, talk to your doctor if you are seeing a change in your health based on your use of prescription medicine. Genesis PURE products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: At what age is Capsule Cleanse safe for children?

A: Nutritional needs of children during growth and maturation are different from those of adults. At this time, use of Genesis PURE dietary supplements, including Liquid Cleanse and Capsule Cleanse, is not recommended for children under 18 years of age. Please consult your doctor about appropriate supplements for children. For more information about these products, please visit genesispure.com. Try incorporating Mila into your diet. Genesis PURE Mila is a superfood that is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free and is a superior plant-based source of protein and fiber. It contains the omega-3 fat ALA.

Q: Is Genesis PURE Daily Build a vitamin?

A: Daily Build is a multivitamin, plus so much more. Available in liquid and capsule form, Daily Build contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and raw, whole ingredients like botanicals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and superfruits (liquid form only). Daily Build promotes a healthy immune system, helps protect against free radicals and supports strong bones and teeth. Download a full-color product flyer at http://GenesisPURE.biz.vistaprint.com.

Q: Is Genesis PURE Mila a vitamin?

A: Mila is a micro-sliced chia superfood packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Mila is a versatile, powerful source of nutrients for the entire family. Find delicious recipes using Mila at http://www.genesispure.com/resources. 


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ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: I need more salt intake, to help me retain liquids. Should I use Hydration with the Energy sticks or use Hydration by itself?

A: Our Hydration can certainly help you get more fluids into your body.  Please note our Energy products contain caffeine which is a natural diuretic, a substance that promotes the production of urine.  Products that increase urination are normally avoided by most people when they are struggling to retain liquids.  You should check with your doctor to determine if our Energy is right for you and how you should increase your salt intake.

Q: Is it OK to blend and take Liquid Cleanse and Organic Sulfur together?

A: Yes, it is OK to blend Liquid Cleanse with Organic Sulfur.  Several of our IBOs blend a variety of Genesis PURE products, especially the superfruits. Experiment by mixing other Genesis PURE Products together to discover new and interesting flavor profiles.

Q: Is there an ingredient in Metabolic Boost that has a thyroid support blend?

A: Metabolic Boost contains ingredients from naturally-occurring caffeine that may promote a small increase in metabolic rate and support mental focus. Metabolic Boost contains a blend of essential nutrients, amino acids, herbs, and botanicals to support health and well-being.

Q: We recommend you speak with your traditional doctor or certified naturopathic doctor for specific products that will best support your thyroid. There are some fantastic resources you can utilize if you want to locate a naturopathic doctor in your area, including www.functionalmedicine.org and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (www.naturopathic.org).  These two websites would be great places to find a doctor knowledgeable in both holistic and conventional medicine.  Some doctors may also do phone consultations if there is not one in your area.  We recommend taking a list of the products you are taking/want to take, including their ingredients, which can be found on our product page, to your doctor’s appointment.

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