Recycling on Earth Day and every day

Here at PURE we are proud to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Did you know that each year, nearly 29 million tons of plastic end up in landfills across America? Are you doing your part to recycle every day?

Look at the bottom of any PURE container or bottle and you’ll see the recycling logo. When you’ve used all the product, simply rinse out the remnants, then place the container among the rest of your plastics, cans and bottles you’re taking to the curb.

You can also upcycle your containers! Here are some creative ways to find new uses for empty containers and bottles. Have fun with these while, at the same time, making the planet a cleaner place.

  • Organize your junk drawer or craft space. The GPS Adapt bottle is small enough to hold glitter or sequins. It can also hold push pins, rubber bands, pencil erasers and other small gadgets.
  • Organize a tool box. The garage can quickly become a storage mess; but your toolbox doesn’t have to be. Our containers are great to hold loose nails, screws, hex nuts, etc. so you’re ready for that next project! Simply label the container with a Sharpie and voila.
  • Create a coin holder for your vehicle.
  • Loose tea and spices in your kitchen? Stick them into an ENERGY tub for a great airtight solution.
  • Make mini ice packs, or any size for that matter. Just fill a container with water, freeze and you’re ready for those impromptu picnics or camping trips. Also great for keeping your frozen items cold while coming home from the grocery store.
  • Store batteries, etc. Try screwing used containers, like Immune6, to a shelf to create hanging storage for batteries, screws, nails, nuts and bolts, etc.
  • No more missing game pieces, or Legos. Use containers to store small pieces from your kids’ games.
  • Keep matches dry for camping. Just glue a piece of sandpaper to the lid and you’re ready to go.
  • Keep jewelry safely stored while traveling.
  • Make a homemade mini first-aid kit.
  • Create a memory jar with a larger container, like Organic Sulfur. Jot down memories on paper that you can read during special moments or holidays.
  • Make a hide-a-key! Simply put your key in a used container and glue the cap to a rock or a pine cone.

What do you do with your empty PURE containers? Please share with us.

Do you know your vitamin A, B, Cs?

Before you say yes, take this quiz and find out how well versed you are in the benefits of vitamins. Do you know which of our products contain them? Print this out and share it with your friends and/or team to see how vitamin savvy they are. (Answers listed at the bottom.)

  1. Vitamins perform what important function in the body?
  2. Calcium and __________ work together to give us healthy teeth and bones. This vitamin is found in CalciuMK+.
  3. Our bodies need __________ essential vitamins.
  4. Mom wanted you to eat carrots because vitamin ____ is necessary for vision. 360 Complete Shake contains 50% of your daily recommended value.
  5. Vitamin C is required for the production of ________. GPS Circulate contains 250% of your daily recommended value.
  6. The word vitamin is a combination of what two words?
  7. This vitamin helps maintain and protect the sheath that surrounds nerve fibers.
  8. Folate works together with what vitamin to produce new red blood cells? GPS Hydrate contains 1000% of your daily recommended value of this vitamin.
  9. This vitamin maintains calcium levels by increasing its absorption. CalciuMK+ contains 150% of your recommended daily value of this vitamin.
  10. Which vitamin protects the skin? Daily Build is an excellent source of this vitamin.
  11. Calcium and vitamin D both help to maintain the health of our bones. What other vitamin do we need to keep our bones strong? This vitamin helps explain the name CalciuMK+.
  12. Which vitamins support your immune system? Immune6 is an excellent source of one of these vitamins.
  13. Symptoms often associated with aging may be caused by a deficiency of ___________. GoYin contains 200% of your daily recommended value of this vitamin.
  14. Riboflavin, niacin and thiamine are all members of what vitamin family?
  15. Which vitamin is the only one we don’t consume through eating or drinking? CalciuMK+ is an excellent source of this vitamin?

If you answered 10 or above correctly, you are a health guru! Congratulations!

If you answered 9-5 correctly, you are a nutrition novice. Keep studying.

If you answered 4 or below correctly, return to start and try again.


  1. They serve as catalysts in chemical reactions
  2. Vitamin D
  3. 13
  4. A
  5. Collagen
  6. Vital and amine, because vitamins are vital for life
  7. B-12
  8. B-12
  9. D
  10. E
  11. K
  12. A, D and C
  13. Vitamin B-12
  14. B
  15. D

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PURE gift giving made easy

Ho, ho, whoa! It’s that time of year again to fill Santa’s sleigh with products from PURE. We have something for everyone on your list, even gifts for the hardest to please. After all, everyone deserves the gift of Whole Health.

Here is a list of holiday gift ideas for all the people in your life. Get ready to watch them unwrap the magic.

For the fitness/exercise enthusiast:

For the college student:

  • Give him/her an ENERGY Variety Pack to use and share with their friends. They’ll need that extra mental boost during test-taking time. Add some of their favorite snacks and an H20 Filtration System so they can enjoy clean drinking water while on the go.
  • Give them GoYin balancing blend to help reduce stress and and help overall mood.*

For the environmentalist/philanthropist:

  • Give them an H20 Filtration System (with Daily pH Plus filter) and an Outdoor pH Plus filter. This will ensure they have clean drinking water wherever they venture during the year. Be sure to let them know that (with your purchase) they donated a bottle to someone in need. (The LIVE PURE Project is about reaching out, enhancing and empowering the lives of everyone.**)

For Grandma and Grandpa:

  • Gift them with CalciuMK+ and 360 Complete Shake. Older adults need more calcium and vitamin D to help maintain bone health. CalciuMK+ is an excellent source of calcium with added vitamins K2 and D for calcium absorption. 360 Complete Shake has 45 percent of the daily value of calcium. And, of course, give them a personalized drawing from a favorite grandchild.

For the coffee connoisseur:

  • PURE Café all the way! This delicious, slimming coffee with antioxidants, botanicals and vitamins will wake them up and slim them down. Plus, they’ll love the delicious mocha-flavor.

For your boss:

  • Whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year, your boss will appreciate a bottle of GoYin balancing blend. GoYin has been shown to reduce stress and help overall mood.* You could also give them one of our Superfruit juices to try. They are not diluted with other fruit juices and contain no added sugar or preservatives.

For those who love to be pampered:

  • For anyone who desires a more youthful appearance, give them Ciello Advanced Skincare. This peptide serum and airbrush system restores skin’s youthful radiance. This gift will deliver holiday happiness, guaranteed!

For the cook:

  • Put together a basket with your favorite recipes from PURE along with the products they need to make them. You can find recipes here. Throw in some cooking utensils, a cute oven mitt and a timer.

For the teacher:

  • Give them the gift they really deserve, a bottle of GoYin to help reduce stress and help overall mood.* They would also love 360 Complete Shake for those times when they just don’t have the time. Think about gifting Immune6, too, to help with seasonal support.

This Christmas, make it PURE. Contact our Sales Support team today at 866-535-5888 or to order your favorites.

We know it’s better to give than to receive, but don’t forget to buy for yourself … you deserve it!

**To assist in relief efforts, PURE will give a non-tax-deductible donation through their Live PURE Project, which will purchase one water filtration bottle for every bottle system that is purchased. Excludes pack purchases. Click here to learn more.


You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: I have heard a lot of testimonies on allergies, what products assist in aiding the symptoms of allergies?

A: You might want to try our Immune6 and Silver products which are balancing for the body and effective during seasonal changes. Both of these products help support a healthy immune system with essential nutrients and ingredients. Always consult a physician before using the Genesis PURE products. We recommend working with a physician knowledgeable in both holistic and conventional medicine to determine which products may be appropriate for you. Please note that Genesis PURE products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any condition, including allergies. Please see our FAQ regarding nut allergies at:

Q: What would you recommend for someone who has low iron levels and low energy?

A: None of the Genesis PURE products are intended to treat low iron levels. Some of the Genesis PURE products contain iron but they are not intended to nor will they meet the needs of an individual with an iron deficiency (see list below).  Most men and some women consume adequate iron in their diet, and supplementation among these individuals may have adverse health effects. But individuals with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians, will need to make sure they consume a sufficient amount of iron. If you or any customers have an iron deficiency, please consult your doctor to determine which Genesis PURE products may be appropriate to support your overall health.

Iron in GP Products:
360 Complete Shake: 2mg
Mila: 1mg
Fusion: 17mcg

Q: Do any of the GP products contain nickel in the mineral blends or any other part of the product?

A: There is no nickel in the premixed product blends. Daily Build and ENERGY contain trace minerals, including nickle, but in very small amounts.

There’s more to fall than comfort foods

moretofall_1016 Many people are often sad to see summer go; however, I am not one of them.  For me, fall is about the beautiful leaves, cooler temperatures, and the plethora of puffy vests, scarves, and hoodies dominating my wardrobe.  With the fall weather often comes the idea of comfort foods: creamy soups, baked casseroles, and heavy desserts.  Comfort foods are delicious, but these less-than-healthy fall favorites don’t have to dominate your season.

Expand the idea of “comfort” beyond the kitchen!

  • Create a warm and inviting home. Now is the time to turn your home into an inviting and comfortable oasis. There are thousands of do-it-yourself projects that involve easy and inexpensive décor. Decorate with candles, rich colors, wreaths and other traditional fall decor to make your home warm and open to visitors. For example, use mason jars and leaves collected from outside to make a candle votive. Diffusing essential oils, such as bergamot or clove, can set the tone that fall is here. Check out the Genesis PURE Pinterest page for ideas.
  • Start a gratitude list. Being happy and at peace is a big part of living a lifestyle of Whole Health, whereas stress can impact your health and sleep. Gratitude can be practiced year-round, but our awareness tends to be higher during the fall and winter months. The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who take time to show their thanks usually experience positive emotions, better sleep and stronger immune systems and they express more kindness.1 Take a few minutes at the end of each day to write down what you are thankful for. Re-read your list the next morning to start your day off on a positive note. Make your list as specific as possible. Take a moment to notice things each day. Opening your eyes to the world around you can only enhance your practice.
  • Go for a walk. It’s easy to transition your summer workout for the colder months. As the days get shorter and the weather gets a bit greyer, make sure you are still getting outside. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is related to changes in the seasons and affects many people.  It can sap your energy and make you feel a bit moody. Get outside for some extra Vitamin D and invest in a light to keep you and your home energized.
  • Make your comfort foods a bit healthier. As the weather gets cooler, our cravings tend to gravitate from cool, fresh ingredients, to warm goodness. Before we know it, we are eating sugary oatmeal for breakfast, creamy soups for lunch, and rich and hearty casseroles for dinner.  Comfort food doesn’t have to be at the expense of your healthy diet.  Look for creative ways to create your favorite meals with healthier ingredients. Instead of spaghetti, use spaghetti squash or zoodles (zucchini noodles). Add Mila to turkey meatballs. Replace cheese in your lasagna with pumpkin or sweet potato and vegetables.  Add veggies to macaroni and cheese and use whole wheat noodles.  Thicken soups with Mila or a dairy alternative. Add cinnamon and nutmeg to spice up plain oatmeal.  The possibilities are endless! Check out our Recipe Center, too!

You might want to take some Immune6 to help maintain a healthy immune system this season.* With the change of seasons, added stress from travel and school, and exposure to germs every day, comes the inevitable “body breakdown.” Genesis PURE’s Immune6 product may make a great addition to your daily regimen by helping to keep that rundown feeling at bay. Learn more.

How are you achieving Whole Health this season? What keeps you warm, happy and healthy during the colder months? Share with us on Facebook and/or Twitter!



You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: What products do you recommend to support healthier sinuses?

A: None of the Genesis PURE products were designed to treat any disease states, including sinus or allergy issues. However, keeping your immune system in shape is always important, and that includes exercise, sleep and stress reduction. Our Immune6 product gives your body the vitamins and fortification is needs to sustain health and well–being during the change of seasons.* Immune6 helps build, invigorate, and support the body’s natural immune response.* It is an excellent source of the antioxidants vitamin C and selenium, as well as vitamin D3, all of which have been shown to support immune health.*

Q: Could our pills be broken apart and mixed with water for people that have had lap-band surgery? Or is that even a concern since it is a vegetable capsule?

A:  I would check with your physician to see if there is any reason he/she feels you should not break a capsule supplement apart.  In general, pills can be crushed and mixed with water. Due to the lap-band procedure that was undertaken, there are normally specific dietary guidelines for food and fluid intake that are advised by your practitioner to follow.  We suggest for that reason that your practitioner is aware of the supplements that you are taking, especially as they may have already recommended specific  supplements for you to take.

Q: What products have the highest levels of  Calcium? What about for Vitamin D?

A: Genesis PURE’s Coral Calcium has 150% of Vitamin D (600 IU)s and 53% Calcium (530 mg).  Daily Build has 100% of Vitamin D (400 IU), 360 Complete Shake has 50% of Vitamin D (200 IU) and 45% Calcium (450 mg).


You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: Do any of your products contain Vitamin K2?

A: Vitamin K2 comes from certain fermented foods, but it is not an ingredient in our products. It is just as important as vitamin D when it comes to protecting your bones. Our 360 Complete Shake and Coral Calcium products are excellent sources of vitamin D, as are Daily Build and Immune6. It’s important to remember that adequate levels of vitamin D help the body absorb calcium.

Q: What is the source for the color in ENERGY?

A: We use fruits and vegetables to color our ENERGY products. They contain no artificial coloring or sweeteners and they have no preservatives. And the caffeine comes from natural sources as well.

Q: Is there any product in the works to replace the Mila Bites?  

A: We do not have anything planned yet to replace the Mila Bites. We’re still researching the best route to take. You might want to check out our recipes: Chocolate Coconut Mila Balls and 360 Complete Shake Protein Bars are delicious!