Stay on a healthy track in 2018

Studies say that the average person gains 7-10 pounds over the holidays. If that sounds like you, don’t fret. Lauren Gaskey, PURE IBO, personal trainer and author, offers some helpful tips and suggestions to get back on track to eating healthier, exercising and feeling your best.

Follow these tips with consistency to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy eating regimen this year.

Eat breakfast – Starting the day out with food in your stomach will help the body burn calories more effectively throughout the day. Also, skipping breakfast and early meals as a way to leave more room for a “big” meal later in the day, such a dinner, is counterintuitive for weight loss. Not only will be you hungry when it’s time to eat that “big” meal, but you will end up eating more than you have to. By skipping breakfast, you will also slow down your metabolism.

Keep up with the 5-times-a-day eating plan – Space out your meals. For example, don’t eat dessert right after a meal. Wait 3-4 hours in between. Also, eat smaller meals and eat them more often making it easier to avoid cravings and overeat.

Take a walk after your meal – The main thing here is to keep moving so whatever exercise you can do will help. The higher you can get your caloric expenditure, the less likely any extra calories will affect you. Taking a walk after your meals can help aid digestion, too.

Water, water, water – Drink lots of water, and avoid drinking your calories. Pair your meals with water and you could be saving hundreds of calories.

20-minute rule – Another thing to remember is that many people mistake thirst for hunger so use the 20-minute water rule when you are feeling hungry. When hunger strikes, drink a tall glass of water. Wait 20 minutes, if the hunger subsides than you were just thirsty, or bored! If it doesn’t, then you are hungry and it is OK to eat.

Stay accountable – Write down, log it on, or use a nutrition app such as MyFitnessPal. However you do it, keep yourself accountable. Most people, when asked to remember what they ate, forgot about 20% of it. Keeping track of what you eat can help you avoid over consumption and it can help you to remember what you’ve eaten. If you hit your caloric intake for the day, then that’s it!

PURE Rally28 weight-loss program – Win while you lose. Simply gather a team or Rally as an individual. Order Rally28 weight-loss system. Enter the Rally28 Challenge at after completion of your Rally.

Happy New Year!

By Lauren Gaskey, Personal Trainer and PURE IBO

Meet Purity!

As we welcome the New Year, I want to introduce you to someone really special. Her name is Purity and she’s part of our new-and-improved user experience program at PURE. She can help guide you as a new IBO as you launch your new PURE business.

Purity is a personal virtual assistant that will help get you off to a great start in your first 90 days. When you enroll with PURE, you will receive a text from Purity within 48 hours welcoming you. You will automatically get Purity’s services free for 90 days.

Purity periodically checks in with her users via text. She offers tips and advice and she’s a great listener. You can ask her questions at any time about the products, the PURE opportunity, the rewards programs, recruiting and more, and she will answer every time with customized support.

Benefits of Purity:

  • 24/7 support for your new business
  • Ongoing support and motivation
  • Product information, sales tips and reminders
  • Statistics and figures to facilitate communication about PURE
  • Engaging, personalized interactions
  • She asks questions and is a great listener

Sample questions to ask Purity:

  • How many calories per serving are in GoYin?
  • What is the key ingredient in 360 Complete Shake?
  • What is the PURE Rank Bonus Program?
  • What is the garcinia cambogia?

When Purity texts you, you can respond to her. You can answer YES and NO, you can text MORE if you want additional information, and you can text HOW if you’d like to learn how to recruit. Purity even sends statistics, product information, and video links. She keeps you on task by checking daily on your goals. She can send you tips and challenges to help you gather leads. She offers a glossary to help you learn business jargon.

The only thing Purity may not be able to do is send your spouse a gift on their birthday. But, she can change your life by changing the way you do business.

Get started now! Learn more at

People are talking about Rally28!

Let’s face it, losing weight and breaking bad habits are hard to do. But, I’m sure you can agree that having a “buddy” can help you stay motivated when it comes to exercising and eating healthy. That special friend or family member might be all it takes to keep you focused on your journey to Whole Health.

You’ll definitely find that support with PURE’s Rally28 program. We’re seeing it happen here in our PURE corporate community, and among our members and Independent Business Owners (IBOs) out there! You’ll find support in our Facebook community as well. Consider it your accountability group where you can find encouragement, stay focused, achieve your goals, and most importantly … have fun!

See what others are saying about the transformative power of Rally28

“I am so fired up about the lifestyle changing nutritional system called Rally 28.  My wife, Jana, and I believe in healthy living and in the power of proper nutrition, rest, hydration and exercise. The first few days were the toughest because of the bad habits we had let set in and the sugar cravings that often ruled our food choices throughout the day. But within a few days we were loving the process.  And our results were UNBELIEVABLE!” – IBO Doug Young

“… On Rally28, I began feeling and seeing results within 10 days. I still have some work to do which is why I will continue using Rally28 until I have achieved my goal. Wonderful program! Even if you are already in shape, I would encourage everyone to try this program. I have not felt so invigorated in years!” – IBO Lyndle Spencer

“I have been able to lose weight every week since my weight loss journey started in November 2016. Since then I’ve lost 75 pounds. I still have a lot to lose but with all your products, it’s given me an edge that I haven’t had ever. My weight has been up and down all my life. My goal is to get it off and keep it off.” – IBO Carol Gardner

“I always feel so much better when I am eating good food. This program was easy to follow and had a step-by-step process.” – IBO Jill Parton

“…I highly recommend Rally28 and strongly emphasize the importance of appropriate physical activity along with the Rally28 products. Muscle weighs more than fat but a toned and healthier body is far more valuable than a lighter, flabby, saggy body. My goal was to improve my health by toning my body … and I achieved that. I will continue to follow Rally28, as well as exercise, to further improve my health. If I can do it, so can you. Forget coulda, shoulda, woulda. I did!” – IBO Angela Johnson

“I needed to lose weight! I have done Rally28 before. I used to weigh 245 pounds! I knew that even at 225 pounds, I was still overweight. I was often tired and it was difficult to do simple tasks. I wanted to do Rally28 not only for me but for my family, too! I want to be able to run around and participate in activities with them without being exhausted. I want to be able to push our son and do races as we used to. My wife rallied with me. People started noticing my weight loss and that encouraged me to keep going. As I saw the numbers dropping on the scale, I said I can keep this going. The Rally has a great system with great products that work! I want to thank PURE for giving me and my family all the products we need to lead a healthier life! And yes, everyone in my family consumes the products!” – IBO Tony Rebimbas

Discover for yourself what it feels like to rally. It really is life changing. Visit today.

Always be mindful and understand your own limits and always speak with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

PURE’s Rally28 weight-loss system is changing lives everywhere, including here at the corporate office. It offers a simple, yet effective way to help you change your body and your life. This winning combination of Genesis PURE’s proprietary Craving-Control Technology and sustainable fat-burning ingredients support weight loss while you develop healthier habits for real, lasting results.


This article is for nutrition information purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any health concerns you may have. The information in this article is not intended to promote any specific product, or for the prevention or treatment of any disease.


C for Committed – Spotlight on IBO Cynthia Wagner

Cynthia Wagner, Genesis PURE™ Emerald Executive, loves helping others. As a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, she nourishes her clients every day with her fitness knowledge. One day at the gym she heard about the Genesis PURE opportunity and knew she couldn’t pass it up. It fit in beautifully with her lifestyle and was yet another great way she could help her clients. Plus, she saw the tremendous opportunity to create residual income.

Today, Cynthia commits 15 to 20 hours every week, even during vacation, to build her business. What really excites her about direct selling is the independence. “You are never really alone. You work for yourself, but not by yourself,” she said. “Visualizing future success and having confidence will propel you to that next level.”

Helping others achieve health and financial prosperity motivates her. “I just remember the people who lack knowledge. Knowing that I can help them energizes me. I will never stop moving toward improving my life and theirs.”

The one thing she would share with others who are thinking about joining the direct selling industry is, “Commit to the purpose and vision and never allow complacency to enter your existence.”

Cynthia is one of the top three Lifestyle Bonus achievers at Genesis PURE and will be attending the Emerging Leaders Retreat in Dallas, Texas this spring.

If you have a success story as a Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner that you’d like to share with us, please forward it to  

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Genesis PURE.

Positivity is her passion

Introducing Madeline, an Emerald Executive Independent Business Owner with Genesis PURE. Her love of helping others helped her achieve the Lifestyle Bonus five times out of six months! As a reward for her hard work and efforts, she will be attending the Emerging Leadership Retreat in Dallas this May.

Madeline holds extensive experience as a mental health professional and believes in the power of good nutrition and the mind/body connection in achieving overall mental health. In her efforts to help others live happier, healthier lives, she decided to start a business with Genesis PURE to further support her passion. She loves the idea of helping people as well as having residual income as a result of sharing that message of health and wellness.

Her secrets of success

“I focused on developing volume within my network in ways that would help me reach the requirements. I always retain a positive and consistent force on what personally motivates me. And, I believe in a slow, steady and consistent approach. I am also fortunate to have an amazing upline and downline with incredible leaders.” – Madeline

Madeline’s positivity is apparent in the success she has achieved. She says that the people whom she has helped have enriched her life in many ways. You could say the relationships have been reciprocal. Staying calm and not reacting negatively helps push her through hard times. She wants those who are just starting out to know that they, too, can achieve success just by being authentic and positive.

If you have a success story as a Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner that you’d like to share with us, please forward to 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Genesis PURE.


LIVE PURE PRO Questions and Answers

using-livepurepro_0117As a network marketer, content is very important to you. Just as you need a hammer and nails to build a house, you can greatly benefit from a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to help build your business.

Genesis PURE custom built a CRM just for you, the Independent Business Owner. It’s called LIVE PURE PRO (LPPro) and it may be the most important tool in your arsenal. You might be saying I hate using the computer, or I’m not technically savvy. Well, you don’t have to be! Below are some answers to commonly asked questions that will better explain what a CRM is, specifically LLPro, and how it can help you in ways you may have never thought possible!

Q: What is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

A: A CRM is an online system that helps you manage your contacts and recruit new IBOs and customers. It allows you to create, edit, produce, and publish content for use in your marketing.

Q: Why would I need a CRM?

A: Any successful business today must have a content strategy. It’s what your audience is looking for. The problem is that many of us don’t have the time to write emails, update our websites or blogs, or keep up with social media. A CRM does all that for you.


A: Imagine you meet someone at your child’s soccer game and want to share the Genesis PURE opportunity with them. Once you connect with them and share your business card, LPPro helps you further that connection automatically. You can share Genesis PURE-branded videos and flyers and send emails. When your friend visits your personalized page, you can track where they have been, what videos they watched and for how long. Most importantly, it will save you time so you can spend more time watching your child score that goal.

Q: Is LPPro simple to use?

A: Yes. If you can use Word then you can handle a customer relationship management system. LPPro can be set it up in minutes. As IBO Sean Springsteen said, “You can be a presenter from across the airwaves, no experience or technical savvy necessary.”

Q: How can I use LPPro for my Genesis PURE business? 

A: There are so many ways to use LPPro, including but not limited to generating follow-up campaigns, sending information to prospects from email links, managing contacts, leads and prospects, and ultimately, growing your business! Peak their curiosity with a Personalized Capture Page, a form they fill out, which can get you a lead. This gives you the opportunity to meet and greet them and build that relationship which is fundamental to business.

Q: Does LPPro support mobile?

A: No. You can use LPPro from Internet connection.

Q: What can I do to get ready for LPP?

A: Play around the system and investigate. Make sure you read through these questions and answers. Watch the Introduction Webinar that walks you through how to use the system. You can also go directly to the LIVE PURE PRO website to get a feel for it. Remember, practice makes progress!

Q: How much flexibility will I have to add my own content?

A: Use can add their own content to just about anywhere, SmartSender, one-touch emails, phone scripts, templates, capture pages, and more. The only area that is not completely customizable is the replicated site.

Q: Is there training for LPPro?

A: Yes! A LPPro Introduction Webinar can be found here:

Q: How much will LPPro cost me?

A: LPPro is a valuable tool that pays for itself. The most popular plan is $19.95 per month. The Premier package is $49.95 a month. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: LPPro supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari 5+ and Chrome. For the best experience, you should install Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader.

Q: Where can I get help/support?

A: Support can be found at


Invest in silver, invest in yourself

gosilvertips_0117The common metaphor, “silver lining,” connotates hope, optimism and comfort. It is something that is attainable and usually right round the corner, if you look hard enough. Life is the accumulation of the choices you make, and one of those choices is finding that silver lining — for yourself and your team.

Go Silver and illuminate the way

Reaching silver is attainable. Encourage your team to dedicate the next three months to Go Silver, or above, and the cash is theirs, and yours!

Tips for reaching Silver in three months:

  • Embrace your leadership. Be their mentor; they can’t do this without you. You are someone they trust, someone they should feel free to talk to, ask questions, and share comments. Drive yourself and your team to heights that you never thought possible.
  • Take advantage of social media. Build morale, create camaraderie, and form new relationships. Share how these products improved your family’s wellness.
  • Have and share a mantra. Mantras can lead to transformation. It’s like starting a new habit. Speak your mantra every day as each repetition brings you closer to success. For example: “This year is my turning point. From here on out, I am taking consistent action to change my life. My life will never be the same.”
  • Track progress. Anyone who has successfully reached their goals knows the importance of tracking their progress. It helps you stay focused, it puts things into small, doable tasks, and it let’s you see which activities give the best results.
  • Take advantage or those first 90 days. Accumulate personal PV during the first 90 days upon enrollment, and maintain a 100 PV Autoship, to receive the VIP treatment and more great benefits. One can also become eligible to earn the PURE Start bonus which includes an additional $600 and a Samsung or Apple smart watch. Access the PURE Start Flyer and the PURE Start Program Tracking Sheet.
  • Inspire travel. Achieving Silver, or above, will also help someone earn a trip to the Emerging Leadership Retreat in Fort Worth in 2017.
  • Set daily/weekly goals for yourself and your Genesis PURE business. Dedicate time every day to engage with your existing downline and new people. Motivate them.

 When they succeed, you succeed.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” You are in the business of growing and developing the skills of your people. Share Go Silver and remind everyone that they will achieve cash every time they rank Silver or above, for a total of $1000 for qualifying individuals.*

If you want more, you have to become more, so attune your mind to abundance today and Go Silver! Embrace this event and learn how to drive yourself and your team to new heights.

Look for that lustrous, shining, silver lining. It’s waiting for YOU. We can’t wait to see what great things you will accomplish in the New Year.


*By March 27, 2017, Genesis PURE is offering an additional bonus for first-time rank achievers of Silver or above. $150 for first time, $350 for second time, $500 for third time. Qualifying individuals have the potential to earn up to $1000! FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS, VISIT GENESISPURE.COM/PROMOTIONS.