Be a winner in your sport with GPS

The Winter Olympics are here and I hope you are as excited as I am. The athletes always inspire me to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air, or take up a new sport. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ski. Watching the athletes compete motivates me to work harder in achieving my goals and to strive for better health.

Whatever your activity, be it skiing, swimming, Zumba, or simply walking, staying fit has a number of benefits for your health and can make you feel good about yourself. Regular physical activity can also be challenging, and we all know it’s energy consuming.

Diet plays a big part in your performance.

Are you eating enough protein to support your muscles? Are you consuming adaptogens to boost your endurance? Are you getting the right amounts and types of vitamins and minerals? Excercise is imortant every day, and your nutrition should be, too. That’s why PURE created the GPS performance line of five products, listed below. These are a great addition to any exercise routine, or professional sports career.

The GPS line was created specifically for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and the active lifestyler who want to enhance endurance, improve mental clarity, boost energy and maintain weight. The line provides complete performance nutrition with amino acids, the building blocks of protein; adaptogens for improved focus, stamina, endurance and recovery; and vitamins and minerals for overall wellness. What’s extra special about the GPS line is that each product supports the various stages of your workout, because what you do before and after exercise is just as important as during.

The GPS Line

GPS Adapt – Avoid burnout and help your body adapt to physical, emotional, and environmental stressors with a unique adaptogenic blend. Consume 2 capsules with water 15-30 minutes before physical activity and/or before bed.*

  • Adaptogens are natural substances that help increase the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue.*
  • Codonopsis, a flowering plant, helps to stimulate the central nervous system.*
  • Moomiyo, a very powerful herb/mineral adaptogen, has antioxidant properties which can help protect the body against free radical damage.*

GPS Circulate – Support muscle health with L-arginine, and a spectrum of other amino acids and complementary nutrients, to support muscle health. Mix one level scoop or packet into 8-10 fl. oz. of water. Shake or stir thoroughly and drink. Consume on an empty stomach approximately 30 minutes before exercise or at bedtime.*

  • Helps facilitate blood circulation for nutrient absorption before your workout.*

GPS Energize – A blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids deliver nutritive support to your workouts. Add one packet to 8 oz. of water, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. Consume one serving 30 minutes before physical activity.

  • Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a key role in protein metabolism and new muscle growth.*
  • Provides energy and mental clarity.*

GPS Hydrate – Replenish vital fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients lost during exercise with this blend of amino acids, carbohydrates, and B-vitamins. Add one packet to 8 oz. of water, mix thoroughly, and drink. Consume one serving every 30 minutes during physical activity.

  • Contains a proprietary trace mineral blend
  • Hy-5 AminoBlend: L-glutamine, L-citrulline malate, taurine, glycine and N-acetyl carnitine

GPS Rebuild – This unique formula of vital nutrients is an effective, post-workout supplement designed to help promote post-exercise muscle recovery and muscle tissue maintenance. Consume within thirty minutes after exercise, training, or competition for maximum physiological effectiveness.* Add one scoop to 8 fl. oz. of water and blend or shake thoroughly.

  • Contains protein and carbohydrates combined with essential vitamins, minerals, creatine, and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).
  • The precise blend of creatine (2g/serving), free amino acids (BCAAs and L-lysine), bromelain, inosine, and L-carnitine allows for fast restoration and enhanced muscle conditioning and growth.*

Round out your routine with other PURE products. For instance, support gentle detoxification with HealthTrim Cleanse, a CORE4 product. Support optimal digestive health with Probiotic. Learn more about our other excellent and effective products at

So, let the games begin! The determination of our athletes is phenomenal and I think if everyone strives to put in the effort, they can be successful in meeting their individual bests. Listen to your body and ensure you are not pushing your body past its capacity.

Get ready to experience your personal best with GPS!

Jennifer Evans is the marketing copywriter at PURE. Her colleagues refer to her as “eagle eye” as she rarely misses a beat. She heads up writing all content for PURE, blending in her health “know-how” and her love of exercise and good food. She never misses a day without a cup of vanilla Matcha Vegan Shake. Motto: Love yourself enough to live a lifestyle of Whole Health.

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