A great way to recycle GoYin bottles

From glass superfruit bottles to Mila plastic packaging, discover creative ways to reuse our product packaging.

Whether you are looking for greener ways to decorate your home, or you want to do your part in cleaning up the environment, you’ll find some great ways to recycle our packaging in this blog series.

Here we’ll share how to upcycle our superfruit bottles. After you finish your delicious superfruits, save those bottles!

Supplies needed: a safety knife or scissors, four superfruit bottles, chalkboard spray paint, latex gloves, gold glitter, and floral decoration of choice.

1. Cut and peel off the wrapping on the superfruit bottles. Discard the bottle tops. We used four bottles for this project.

2. Rinse and clean the bottles. Let them dry overnight.

3. Purchase a can of chalkboard spray paint, $4 at your local hardware store, as well as some rubber gloves to protect your hands.

4. Spray paint in a well ventilated area. Let the first coat dry and give it a second coat. Let them dry overnight.

5. Add your favorite phrase, letters, word, or design and decorate them as you wish. We accented the bottoms by coating the ends with glue and then dipping them into a bowl of gold glitter. We also added floral decoration.

Check back for more ideas on recycling our packaging.

And, be sure to share your ideas with us. Post pictures of your creations. Use the hashtag #LIVEPURE on social media.

2 thoughts on “A great way to recycle GoYin bottles

  1. I use mine to re fill them after washing them good with my own water and storing them in our basement. never know when a person might need water…….if ours gets poisoned in the rivers……or if i need some to water things in winter its already. i have peeled the paper off some and used one to pour several juices into it for a trip. in my cooler……it goes. so i have just one bottle to carry into the motel.


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