Making a world of difference

IBOs James and Taryn Leiker and their two children are shining examples of People United Reaching Everyone. In February 2016, they discovered the King’s Ransom — a U.S. non-profit organization whose goal is to build 1,000 homes for the extremely poor living in Nicaragua.  It was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. To them it perfectly represented the Whole Health lifestyle.

They set a goal to raise enough money to build five homes. This sparked an interest in their children, Reece (12) and Channing (8), to start their own business selling homemade laundry detergent in order to raise money to help the cause. They were determined to build five homes just like their parents had, with a goal to raise $26,000 in twelve months.

Reece and Channing used recycled Genesis PURE™ Superfruit bottles to hold their detergent, secured a corporate sponsor to cover expenses, and launched their campaign in July 2016.  Every Saturday morning they set up a booth at the local farmer’s market. By September they raised $5,200 for the first house; they raised $17,000 by November; and, in January they were invited to Nicaragua to see their houses being built.

During her Nicaragua visit, Reece witnessed the families living in poverty and knew this was a project she would always be proud of. Upon returning to the States, Reece and Channing raised over $10,000 in a few weeks, exceeding their five-house goal in seven months! To date, the Leiker family has raised $60,758.42 which will help build more than eleven homes. Taryn will be returning to Nicaragua in July 2017.

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