C for Committed – Spotlight on IBO Cynthia Wagner

Cynthia Wagner, Genesis PURE™ Emerald Executive, loves helping others. As a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, she nourishes her clients every day with her fitness knowledge. One day at the gym she heard about the Genesis PURE opportunity and knew she couldn’t pass it up. It fit in beautifully with her lifestyle and was yet another great way she could help her clients. Plus, she saw the tremendous opportunity to create residual income.

Today, Cynthia commits 15 to 20 hours every week, even during vacation, to build her business. What really excites her about direct selling is the independence. “You are never really alone. You work for yourself, but not by yourself,” she said. “Visualizing future success and having confidence will propel you to that next level.”

Helping others achieve health and financial prosperity motivates her. “I just remember the people who lack knowledge. Knowing that I can help them energizes me. I will never stop moving toward improving my life and theirs.”

The one thing she would share with others who are thinking about joining the direct selling industry is, “Commit to the purpose and vision and never allow complacency to enter your existence.”

Cynthia is one of the top three Lifestyle Bonus achievers at Genesis PURE and will be attending the Emerging Leaders Retreat in Dallas, Texas this spring.

If you have a success story as a Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner that you’d like to share with us, please forward it to marketing@genesispure.com.  

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Genesis PURE.

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