DOUBLE your Recruiting PURE Start Cash Bonus

As a new Independent Business Owner, you’re in the starting block ready to begin your first 90 days. You’re in position, excitement is all around, and you’re ready to realize your dreams.

Before you get too far down that path, we want to make sure you’re prepared. The PURE Start Program* was created to prepare you and help you succeed for your hard work. For a limited time, from April 4 through May 1, 2017, you have the incredible opportunity to DOUBLE your Recruiting PURE Start Cash Bonus. Earn up to $600 when you sponsor new, active± Independent Business Owners (IBOs) or Members! Learn more.

Just as a professional runner has exercises to do before a big race, there are proven activities to keep your momentum strong during these critical months. Implementing these activities into your daily routine can strengthen your marketing muscles and keep you moving in the right direction.

Rev up your energy.

  1. Become familiar with Genesis PURE’s products – all of them. We recommend you order five to ten to start. If you don’t understand the products, your business won’t make sense to whom you’re sharing it with.
  2. Get on Autoship. Have your favorite products delivered on a monthly basis, automatically.
  3. Determine your Why. Don’t underestimate the reason why you’re doing this in the first place.
  4. Set goals and develop your business plan. What is your most important goal this year?
  5. Purchase your business tools at
  6. Follow your sponsor and duplicate their system.
  7. Work on personal development: read books, turn your car into a mobile university, and study everything about the industry.
  8. Find a mentor, whether that’s your sponsor or someone else.
  9. Contact everyone on your list…friends, family, neighbors, EVERYONE.
  10. Have fun!

A runner places his feet just so, and moves his arms in a way that gives him momentum. You too must develop habits that are going to launch you in the right direction. Losing your pace can lead to delays, or even failure. Adhere to the above activities and you’ll excel faster and smoother as the days progress.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Live what you preach by eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and exercising at least thirty minutes every day. To achieve a lifestyle of Whole Health, it’s important to have a healthy body and a healthy business.

Get ready to DOUBLE your rewards this month! It is your opportunity to shine! Learn more about the PURE Start program here:

*All new IBOs that have enrolled since January 1, 2016 are eligible for the PURE Start Program.

±Active IBO is defined as an IBO having 100 PV or more every 28 days. PV (Personal Volume) is volume consisting of personal product purchases made by the IBO and/or product sales to Preferred Customers and Retail Customers the IBO has personally sponsored. An IBO is not paid rewards on his/her PV. PV is strictly used for personal qualification requirements within the compensation plan.

Active Member is defined as a Member having 100 Product Volume or more in personal product purchases every 28 days. Product volume is the amount of volume assigned to each product.

For PURE Start terms and conditions, please visit


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