LIVE PURE PRO Glossary of Terms

using-livepurepro_0117To help you get up and running quicker, we’ve compiled an alphabetical glossary of terms that will make your understanding of LIVE PURE PRO (LPPro) that much easier. Some of these terms may be familiar to you already.

Ad Tracking: Monitoring a brand’s performance including awareness, product trial and usage, and attitudes about the brand versus the competition.

Audio/Video Creators: This feature allows you to record or upload your own personal audio or video files. You can then email them to anyone.

Back end:  As opposed to the front end, the back end is your back office where you log in and manage your business. It’s your Control Center and Content Manager. You are the administrator. Think of the back end as the administrator page.

Cold Lead: Reaching out to a customer that has never heard of Genesis PURE or the products.

Conference Bridge: Host your own conference calls with up to 99 participants. You can even send out a recorded call via email, embed the recording or set up a replay of the recording.

Content: Content could be anything from the text on your “About” page to the photo on your company press release.

Contact Manager: This tool organizes your business and includes every feature imaginable to make prospecting a cinch.

Conversion: Our simple, yet powerful conversion tools help you make sales, grow your downline, and positively explode your productivity.

Drip Campaign: Send a series of emails or messages in minutes to on-board and retain customers.

Duplication: Discover your new secret weapon for team-wide success. Our system trains, motivates, and delivers real results for anyone – regardless of experience!

Email Autoresponder: Pre-written messages that you can send to your contacts on a delivery schedule. You are able to edit them, enable or disable them, delete them, add new ones and more.

Email Broadcast: This is like an alarm clock that alerts you to what your prospects are doing. It tracks their activity for you!

Front end: As opposed to the back end, the front end is your presentation component. Here is where the system collects input from your users in various forms and captures it (Capture Page) to use in the back end.

Log: This is a record of data: could be user logs, content logs, etc.

Lead Capture Page: A website that can be marketed and advertised to prospects. The capture page contains a contact form (first name, last name, email address and phone) that the prospect completes to receive additional information and the contact would be stored in the user’s contact manager.

Lead Generation: Discover new opportunities to pull leads into your marketing funnel. We give you the tools to make it easier, faster, and more effective.

Marketing Suite: You get a complete marketing and presentation website that carries your prospects through the “engage, educate, convert” process.

One-touch email: These are pre-written emails that you can just click and send. They save you time.

PhoneBurner: Our exclusive PhoneBurner® technology calls your contacts for you, leaving professional (and proven) voicemails that incite prospects to take action!

Prospecting: Automated follow-up campaigns and cutting-edge prospecting tools help you build relationships and prospect like a pro!

Search Engine Optimization: the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

SmartSender: Easily send documents, videos, audios, websites and more to one prospect or a group or team. You can send these via email, Facebook or Twitter. And, the system tells you when your emails are opened.

Social Media Integration: Social media networks allow for fast sharing and engagement throughout your circles of influence. We provide the social tools to both proactively share with your prospects as well as be seen and contacted by new potential customers and business partners.

Social Sharing: You can easily share your content on all the social giants: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Template: These control how your content looks on the page and are extremely helpful when you have to produce a lot of pages. It is what makes your site look and feel consistent. LPPro creates these for you.

Warm Lead: Reaching out to a customer who has heard or recollects something about you or Genesis PURE and their products.

Webinar Room: Host your own web meetings with up to 50 attendees throughout the world.

Workflow: The routing of documents or pages between users creating content.

There’s so much more! You get a 24-hour, toll-free number where you can set up a personal greeting. LPPro is a smart system, but don’t let that intimidate you. Remember, you can set the system up in minutes and it’s self-explanatory. All you need is the want to succeed in this business.

Watch the Introduction Webinar. Then Let LIVE PURE PRO take your business to new heights today! Try it and BE FULFILLED.

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