Random Acts of Kindness Day

randomkindness_0217In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day, Friday, February 17, our Genesis PURE™ family wanted to share how we show kindness around the office and in our communities.

We are all about caring for others, and we believe that little gestures of hope and kindness can combine to make a huge difference. It’s our corporate culture.

  • “My random act of kindness today is to give 8 HUGS! Did you know a simple hug releases oxytocin and serotonin levels elevating happiness and lowering loneliness, anger and anxiety? Hugs strengthen the immune system, boost self-esteem, and relax muscles increasing circulation while balancing the nervous system. Hugs are like meditation and laughter.  Everyone needs them and they are free to share!” – Michelle Karr, IBO Compliance
  • “I’m going to purchase something special for a co-worker who is always thinking of others anonymously.” – Lisa Puskarich, Human Resources
  • “My wife and I are planning on going to a grocery store and paying for groceries of a woman in line and also handing out a dozen roses to 12 women.” – Daren Hogge, CEO
  • “I will compliment a co-worker on what an awesome job they do every day and how much I enjoy working with them.” – Susan Betts, IBO Success
  • “I witnessed kindness over the weekend when a young man, probably no older than 21, offered to help an elderly couple put groceries in their car.  It brought true joy to my heart.” – Megan Maxwell, Marketing Manager
  • “I would take someone out to lunch (or dinner), or if I was fully unpacked from my move, I would cook and provide lunch for everyone.”  – Janeth Alvarez, Quality Control
  • “While driving, my daughter and I saw a father and young son panhandling. Though this generally has a negative connotation, there are people who are genuinely hurting. My daughter and I decided to make ‘gift bags’ for those we see in need. They each contain a bottle of water, various toiletries, and a few snacks that won’t spoil. We fill gallon-size food-storage bags that will prevent spills and can be reused!” – Lucette Campbell, Graphic Designer
  • “I was the recipient of an act of kindness while I was in line at a fast-food restaurant. When I got to the window to pay, the cashier said that the person who had been in front of me had paid for my order. I was so grateful that it prompted me to pay for the person behind me. The feeling was contagious and the act has stuck with me.” – Jennifer Evans, Marketing Copywriter
  • “Acknowledging jobs well done. Offering words of affirmation and hugs.  Providing lotions and soaps in the ladies room and special snacks in the break room. Providing catered lunches.” – Laurie Shaw, Human Resource Manager

Of course, we may not be able to help everyone, but we can be kind to everyone!

How are you showing random acts of kindness with the people around you? Share with us!


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