Ask the Expert: frequently asked questions

ATEoftheWeek_0216At Genesis PURE, we have an expert team that is dedicated to answering your product and nutrition questions.

Here are the most popular questions from the last week. You might find a topic related to a question you have.

Q: Can you help explain why we have goji juice and wheat grass in our product line? A: Simple sugars as well as the vitamins and minerals in wheat grass can be absorbed by the body and is a natural source of vitamins A, E, C, K and B6 as well as calcium, magnesium, selenium and iron. The fiber is not fully digestible, but this is true of most fruits and vegetables. Goji, known as the “happy berry,” may promote feelings of well-being. It has high nutrient content, carotenoids, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidant properties. It also is a source of vitamin C and polysaccharides to support healthy functions of the immune system.

Q: My mother in law is doing Rally28. She has high blood pressure. Is there anything she should stray from? She is also constipated. A: We recommend your mother-in-law consult her physician before starting any weight-loss program. Additionally, the recommended use for Metabolic ONE states: Do not take this product if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or are taking any prescription medication, especially monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). The constipation could be caused by her body adapting to the added amount of fiber she is getting from the program. One serving of 360 Complete Shake provides 11g of fiber. If she is using two shakes a day, she is getting 22g of fiber, which is 88% the DV for fiber. Most people do not consume enough fiber in their diet, so when they add more, constipation can occur. It is important to drink sufficient water to help move fiber through the digestive tract. She may want to reduce the amount of shake she is using and give her body time to adapt to the added amount of daily fiber. Another issue may be what we call transitory adaptation. As an individual makes significant changes to their diet, some people need time to adapt to these changes. Some people may experience some GI disturbances as a result of the changes until the body learns to adapt.  Generally, like increased fiber intake, we recommend cutting back amounts used and then increasing them back to normal dosages as tolerated. However, in the case of your mother-in-law, we highly recommend she consults with her physician before using the Genesis PURE supplement products.

Q: What metals does C’ENCIA pull out of the skin? A: C’ENCIA is intended to intensely moisturize the skin and nourish the skin with beneficial ingredients to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products intended to pull impurities out of the skin are usually face masks and unfortunately C’ENCIA does not have this effect.  If Genesis PURE had a face mask product, it would not be capable of pulling out “metals” from the skin.  This is a common misconception sometimes touted by other companies.  A face mask can draw out of the skin dirt, sebum, dead skins cells and other accumulated particulates like cigarette smoke, pollution fumes, and pollen.  Unfortunately, C’ENCIA does not have the capability to pull impurities or metals out of the skin.


Chew on this, and cut calories at the same time

chew_on_this_0217Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight while you ate? We are not talking about eating a granola bar while walking on the treadmill. Certain foods actually have thermogenic properties meaning they raise your core body temperature and thus boost your metabolism.

The following foods have actually been shown to boost your body’s calorie-burning potential, so you can burn calories while you chew and digest.

Fat-burning foods:  

Whole Grains: Did you know your body is burning calories when you digest food?  In one study, it was shown that a meal containing whole grains required twice as many calories to digest as a meal containing refined grains (137 vs. 73 calories).1 Whole grains have other health benefits as well, including a higher protein and fiber content than refined grains.

Lean or Plant-Based Protein: Moderately increasing protein intake may modestly increase metabolic rate. A healthy protein intake may provide additional weight management benefits by increasing fullness following a meal and promoting retention of lean muscle mass.2

Hot Peppers (capsicum): Peppers may modestly increase both metabolism and fat burning. The benefits of red peppers have been seen in studies using pills as well as whole foods. Regardless of how you ingest it, capsicum may aid your weight management efforts.3   Genesis PURE products such as Daily Build, Metabolic ONE and HealthTrim® Cleanse contain ingredients from peppers. Greens contains organic cayenne fruit and PURE Café has black pepper extract.

Oolong, Green, or White Tea: Oolong, green, and white teas are rich in polyphenols (plant chemicals) and also contain caffeine. The metabolism- and energy-boosting effects of consuming polyphenols and caffeine have been shown in numerous studies.4

Coconut Oil: While coconut oil has not specifically been found to increase metabolic rate or promote fat burning, it may be a beneficial food to add to your weight management program. In recent studies, individuals consuming coconut oil as part of a weight management program experienced greater reductions in waist circumference than those who did not consume the coconut oil5, 6 in addition to helping support weight management, preliminary evidence suggests that coconut oil may also help promote blood cholesterol profiles at normal levels.7

Genesis PURE HealthTrim® line of products:

In addition to the foods above, Genesis PURE’s HealthTrim® line of products can help you reach your own unique weight-management goals with targeted nutrition. The following products are all part of Rally28, Genesis PURE’s Complete Nutrition Weight Loss System.

  • 360 Complete Shake contains a proprietary Craving-Control technology and fat-burning ingredients. A unique potato extract helps promote healthy weight loss while Protease Inhibitor, derived from potato, helps to reduce appetite.*
  • Green Coffee Bean contains chlorogenic acids which offer beneficial polyphenol antioxidants, an amount comparable to some products used in weight management research. Some studies show that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans affects how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.*
  • PURE Café is a slimming coffee that suppresses appetite so you can limit the amount of calories you are eating throughout the day.*
  • Metabolic ONE contains green tea and cayenne pepper and caffeine, ingredients that help supercharge a sluggish metabolism.*

Devise your fat-burning meal today, and be sure to combine it with plenty of exercise and adequate sleep.

Please consult a healthcare professional before beginning any diet plan, supplement regime or workout plan.



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LIVE PURE PRO Questions and Answers

using-livepurepro_0117As a network marketer, content is very important to you. Just as you need a hammer and nails to build a house, you can greatly benefit from a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to help build your business.

Genesis PURE custom built a CRM just for you, the Independent Business Owner. It’s called LIVE PURE PRO (LPPro) and it may be the most important tool in your arsenal. You might be saying I hate using the computer, or I’m not technically savvy. Well, you don’t have to be! Below are some answers to commonly asked questions that will better explain what a CRM is, specifically LLPro, and how it can help you in ways you may have never thought possible!

Q: What is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

A: A CRM is an online system that helps you manage your contacts and recruit new IBOs and customers. It allows you to create, edit, produce, and publish content for use in your marketing.

Q: Why would I need a CRM?

A: Any successful business today must have a content strategy. It’s what your audience is looking for. The problem is that many of us don’t have the time to write emails, update our websites or blogs, or keep up with social media. A CRM does all that for you.


A: Imagine you meet someone at your child’s soccer game and want to share the Genesis PURE opportunity with them. Once you connect with them and share your business card, LPPro helps you further that connection automatically. You can share Genesis PURE-branded videos and flyers and send emails. When your friend visits your personalized page, you can track where they have been, what videos they watched and for how long. Most importantly, it will save you time so you can spend more time watching your child score that goal.

Q: Is LPPro simple to use?

A: Yes. If you can use Word then you can handle a customer relationship management system. LPPro can be set it up in minutes. As IBO Sean Springsteen said, “You can be a presenter from across the airwaves, no experience or technical savvy necessary.”

Q: How can I use LPPro for my Genesis PURE business? 

A: There are so many ways to use LPPro, including but not limited to generating follow-up campaigns, sending information to prospects from email links, managing contacts, leads and prospects, and ultimately, growing your business! Peak their curiosity with a Personalized Capture Page, a form they fill out, which can get you a lead. This gives you the opportunity to meet and greet them and build that relationship which is fundamental to business.

Q: Does LPPro support mobile?

A: No. You can use LPPro from Internet connection.

Q: What can I do to get ready for LPP?

A: Play around the system and investigate. Make sure you read through these questions and answers. Watch the Introduction Webinar that walks you through how to use the system. You can also go directly to the LIVE PURE PRO website to get a feel for it. Remember, practice makes progress!

Q: How much flexibility will I have to add my own content?

A: Use can add their own content to just about anywhere, SmartSender, one-touch emails, phone scripts, templates, capture pages, and more. The only area that is not completely customizable is the replicated site.

Q: Is there training for LPPro?

A: Yes! A LPPro Introduction Webinar can be found here:

Q: How much will LPPro cost me?

A: LPPro is a valuable tool that pays for itself. The most popular plan is $19.95 per month. The Premier package is $49.95 a month. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: LPPro supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari 5+ and Chrome. For the best experience, you should install Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader.

Q: Where can I get help/support?

A: Support can be found at


Ask the Expert: Frequently asked questions

ATEoftheWeek_0216At Genesis PURE, we have an expert team that is dedicated to answering your product and nutrition questions. Here are the most popular questions from the last week. You might find a topic related to a question you have.

Q: Which products in any of the various lines contain broccoli?  I have an interested party who is looking for supplements but has a reaction to broccoli.  A: None of the Genesis PURE™ products contain broccoli.

Q: Does Greens contain wheat? A: Greens contains organic wheat grass as part of the PURE Organic Superfood Blend. The wheat grass does not contain gluten, if that may be a concern. The part of the grass that we use is sprout juice, and the extraction method is spray drying. Please note that wheat grass is an ingredient which may have come in contact with other gluten containing grains and are at a high risk for cross contamination.

Q: What are the dosages of GoYin used in the GoYin clinical study? A: In the GoYin study, the dosages used were 3 ounces, daily.


Random Acts of Kindness Day

randomkindness_0217In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day, Friday, February 17, our Genesis PURE™ family wanted to share how we show kindness around the office and in our communities.

We are all about caring for others, and we believe that little gestures of hope and kindness can combine to make a huge difference. It’s our corporate culture.

  • “My random act of kindness today is to give 8 HUGS! Did you know a simple hug releases oxytocin and serotonin levels elevating happiness and lowering loneliness, anger and anxiety? Hugs strengthen the immune system, boost self-esteem, and relax muscles increasing circulation while balancing the nervous system. Hugs are like meditation and laughter.  Everyone needs them and they are free to share!” – Michelle Karr, IBO Compliance
  • “I’m going to purchase something special for a co-worker who is always thinking of others anonymously.” – Lisa Puskarich, Human Resources
  • “My wife and I are planning on going to a grocery store and paying for groceries of a woman in line and also handing out a dozen roses to 12 women.” – Daren Hogge, CEO
  • “I will compliment a co-worker on what an awesome job they do every day and how much I enjoy working with them.” – Susan Betts, IBO Success
  • “I witnessed kindness over the weekend when a young man, probably no older than 21, offered to help an elderly couple put groceries in their car.  It brought true joy to my heart.” – Megan Maxwell, Marketing Manager
  • “I would take someone out to lunch (or dinner), or if I was fully unpacked from my move, I would cook and provide lunch for everyone.”  – Janeth Alvarez, Quality Control
  • “While driving, my daughter and I saw a father and young son panhandling. Though this generally has a negative connotation, there are people who are genuinely hurting. My daughter and I decided to make ‘gift bags’ for those we see in need. They each contain a bottle of water, various toiletries, and a few snacks that won’t spoil. We fill gallon-size food-storage bags that will prevent spills and can be reused!” – Lucette Campbell, Graphic Designer
  • “I was the recipient of an act of kindness while I was in line at a fast-food restaurant. When I got to the window to pay, the cashier said that the person who had been in front of me had paid for my order. I was so grateful that it prompted me to pay for the person behind me. The feeling was contagious and the act has stuck with me.” – Jennifer Evans, Marketing Copywriter
  • “Acknowledging jobs well done. Offering words of affirmation and hugs.  Providing lotions and soaps in the ladies room and special snacks in the break room. Providing catered lunches.” – Laurie Shaw, Human Resource Manager

Of course, we may not be able to help everyone, but we can be kind to everyone!

How are you showing random acts of kindness with the people around you? Share with us!


Network marketing expert Todd Falcone at BE Fearless 2017

toddonstageGet ready! BE Fearless 2017 is just around the corner. You don’t want to miss this phenomenal training event with keynote speaker, Todd Falcone, distinguished network marketing and direct selling expert. Register now and save!

Todd Falcone has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Over the past decade, he has dedicated a majority of his time speaking and training on the subject of network marketing success. His distinctive style of candid, in-your-face presenting, layered with comedy and practical instruction will have you laughing and learning at the same time.

toddenergyAs keynote speaker, Falcone will help you grow your business. With the philosophy of giving back, he will speak on various industry-related topics and will share the success tactics that have allowed him to attain his financial goals, retire as a network marketing distributor, and build his successful and ever-growing seminar company.

His passion shows in his mission to help build leaders allowing them the freedom this industry truly has to offer. The motto of giving “100%” is not only how Falcone lives but also how he trains, presents, and engages with others. He is one who talks the talk and walks the walk!

Falcone currently lives in Arizona with his wife Carla and their two sons Gianni and Joey.

Register for BE Fearless 2017 before March 3 to receive Early Bird pricing, and invest in yourself and your future.

  • EARLY BIRD PRICING: $29 between now and March 3
  • SPECIAL PRICING: $39 between March 4 and April 1

For more information or questions, please contact the Genesis PURE Success Team at 1-866-535-5888.

*Please note: cancellation or changes are only allowed three days before check-in date. A one-night deposit will be charged at time of booking.

Winter and weight loss go hand in hand

exercisewinter_0217Weight loss in the winter may seem like a misstatement. After all, hearty casseroles and stews always hit the spot as you warm your toes by the fire. But winter can be an ideal time to shed extra pounds when you exercise and make Whole Health part of your lifestyle.

Let the temperatures do the training

Get outside and play in the snow. You may be tempted to stay indoors to exercise on your stationary bike, but exercising in the cold can jump-start your metabolism which causes your body to burn more calories. Run or walk in the afternoon, being cautious of wet and icy patches. Studies have shown that we expend five times more energy when shivering, compared to when we are resting.1

Benefits to exercising outside during the winter

  • You’ll burn more calories. As the body works harder to regulate its core temperature, you’ll burn more calories during your wintry workout compared to exercising indoors.
  • You’ll make your heart muscle stronger. Cold weather makes the heart work harder which isn’t necessarily good for someone with heart trouble. But, regular exercise in colder weather can make the heart stronger, better preparing the body for more strenuous workouts in the future.
  • You’ll drink more water. You can still get dehydrated in the wintertime, so drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout. You may not feel it, but you still sweat when it’s cold outside; it just evaporates quicker in dry, chilly air.
  • You’ll get your vitamin D. Yes, even in the wintertime. But remember, too, that you still need to apply sunscreen.
  • You’ll feel more energized. Cold air is stimulating and can boost your mood. As the body works harder to stay warm, the amount of endorphins increases.
  • You’ll lessen your chances of the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may be caused by lack of sun, activity and proper nutrition.3

Fuel your fire with Rally28. The expert-approved, 28-day program works and will keep you going strong right into spring. Replace that hot chocolate with a fresh cup of PURE Café. You’ll suppress your appetite so you can limit the amount of calories you are eating throughout the day.

Dress appropriately. Wear water-resistant clothes and dress in layers so you can take pieces off as you get hot. Your body loses a lot of heat from your head, so a hat is a must, as are gloves. If you are into winter sports, cross-country skiing and ice skating burn the most calories.2

This infographic lists calories burned by Olympic winter sports activities. Find a friend or neighbor to run or walk with and be sure to create a goal. For instance, commit to 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. Use an app on your phone. There are many fitness apps, from calorie counters, to distance trackers, and more.

Make exercise a priority in the winter so you stay fit and healthy year ‘round. Always talk with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. You need to make sure the exercise you choose is safe for you.