LIVE PURE PRO makes running your business that much easier

using-livepurepro_0117LIVE PURE PRO, an amazing marketing and content management system, is simply the smartest and most economical answer to your everyday business needs.

But don’t take our word for it! Genesis PURE™ Independent Business Owners (IBO) are already seeing incredible results.

“This system levels the playing field. The challenge I have is being consistent with following up with my team members. LIVE PURE PRO does it for you by self-generating follow-up campaigns and sending over information from email links. Not comfortable talking face-to-face?  LIVE PURE PRO is for you! You can be a presenter from across the airwaves, no experience or technical savvy necessary. The system auto-populates IBO information for you and is a smart solution to keeping track of all those contacts. LIVE PURE PRO will change how you do network marketing.” – Shawn Springsteen, Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner, Diamond

“My favorite thing about LIVE PURE PRO is the follow-up Email Campaigns.  I believe that following up with those who have expressed an interest in our business or products is essential to having long-term success with Genesis PURE. I know that is an area that many are weak in, myself included. The email campaigns that LIVE PURE PRO has put together for us to use are fabulous. Although there are many benefits of LIVE PURE PRO (Capture Pages, Conference Call Line, and so much more) I think the Email Campaigns can be a tremendous help to everyone who is building a Genesis PURE business.” – Rachel Garcia, Genesis PURE Independent Business Owner, Blue Diamond

LIVE PURE PRO has the potential to:

  • Turn your business into WOW productivity
  • Increase your prospects and generate more leads
  • Save time in your already busy schedule
  • Tens of thousands of members log in each day to help manage their business.

Be Fulfilled

In six easy steps you’ll be a pro at utilizing the branded, one-touch emails, phone scripts, videos, flyers and more so you can automatically communicate with people interested in discovering a lifestyle of Whole Health. Look at it as a sophisticated information package you can give away for free and you’ll understand what a tremendous asset this is to your potential success, and a great way to share Rally28.

The video, found here, gives a concise overview of the features. LIVE PURE PRO makes sharing compelling content to your network and prospects via email easier than ever.

Starting February 1, 2017, new members will receive a free seven-day trial. After this trial, a monthly fee of $19.95/$49.95 will be charged depending on the package. A $10 one-time set-up fee will apply to every order.


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