5 Ways to Take the “Work” Out of Networking.

businessblog_1216 How many networking functions or social events did you attend last month?  Have you given yourself a quota of phone calls to make each day?  New people to connect with on social media?

Whether you’ve been in direct sales for decades, or just a few days, you know the holy grail of business building is networking.

But knowing and actually doing are two different things. So many of us fall into the trap of believing that networking is simply making phone calls, going to networking functions, collecting business cards, or spending an afternoon on LinkedIn.

Not that these things don’t work – they do. But, because networking to build your business is not an option, it helps to know, or to be reminded of, some new ways to approach meeting new people.

All of this may be simple for you if you’re a “Super Connector”, a person who seems to be able to effortlessly connect the dots in the universe to establish tons of new relationships. But if you’re like most of us, and could use a suggestion to light the fire, then here are a few tactics to consider as you work to build your relationship base.

Think relationships.

Facebook is one thing, but meeting face-to-face is still the best way to build a relationship with someone. It’s the difference between developing a relationship and a lead, and can ultimately be the difference in your earning power.

It’s not about the number of connections you have on LinkedIn. It’s about how deep those connections go. And the best way to start to develop deeper connections is to meet in person, and to ask yourself, “How can I help this person?” rather than, “How can this person help me?”

Add value. Bring ideas. Solve problems. It works.

Listen online.

Doing more and listening less is a symptom of our super busy lives, but to build new relationships, learning to slow down and really listen is critical.

You can listen in person, but it’s also possible to listen online.  Log on to Facebook, the best business-to-consumer site, to see how many people are talking about health and wellness, Genesis PURE, and the competition. You’ll start to see certain viewpoints emerge.  This social listening is an effective way to put your finger on the pulse of the marketplace, and perhaps join in the conversation, leading to a new relationship.

Focus on a diverse audience

The Millennial generation, transitioning military, and people who are stuck in a career that gets them down, can all find an opportunity within the networking marketing industry.

Millennials are looking for alternatives to the classic “work at a corporate job until you retire” scenario. They are also a very influential group in the health and nutrition and retail categories.

Veterans, transitioning military and military spouses find that owning your own business means they can take their job anywhere. It gives them the opportunity to put family first and work on their own schedule, and it helps them meet people in their new environment as they share their business.

An opportunity to launch an independent business in any field empowers millions who have felt discriminated against because of their lack of education or expensive job training, or their inability to adhere to a fixed employment schedule due to family or personal obligations.

By developing relationships with more people and different groups, you could tap into markets that are ripe to try something new.

Trade in your sticky notes for a tool that helps you stay organized

Through Genesis PURE, you can sign up for an online system called LIVE PURE PRO. It’s a must-have tool to help generate leads, maximize engagement, leverage pre-written email templates, automatically respond to new prospects, and simplify tasks to drive recruitment and more.

A SmartSender function allows the user to send links, pdf’s, videos, and images from their computer or mobile device to customers and social media. It also enables the creation of customizable emails and you can filter through resources for quick navigation.

Genesis PURE Independent Business Owners can sign up for this new tool at livepurepro.com. An information webinar is also available at http://networx.enterthemeeting.com/m/A7P4DHXZ — a great way to learn how this online tool can help build your business.

Focus on the person. Not just products.

Genesis PURE products are fabulous, and we’re all passionate about them. But many people you talk to are not necessarily aware of Genesis PURE, or of the benefits inherent in incorporating these products into their lives. So start by finding out what makes this person – or this group of people – tick.

What is it about their health that keeps them up at night? What do they wish they could change most?  Ask open-ended questions, rather than those that can be answered with just yes or no.

This leads directly to the solution – and chances are, there’s a Genesis PURE product that will help provide it.


Use Genesis PURE’s Rally28 weight-management system to build your network. Ultimately, we want to lead a movement in better health and long-term weight management. Find someone who is  interested in weight loss or nutrition. Find people who want to better control their eating habits or wish to gain energy. Find someone interested in gaining muscle mass. Share the program and make a difference in someone’s life.

Follow up. Really.

Easy enough. Or is it?

Some say sending a quick email or a LinkedIn request to connect within 24 hours of meeting a person is a good rule of thumb. And remember, you may need to follow up more than once. Walking that fine line between following up and becoming annoying is always a challenge, but persistence truly can pay off.

Listen to your IBO colleagues, your Sponsor Tree, and others in the business to see what tactics they use to keep themselves motivated, inspired, and able to share the passion that we all have for Genesis PURE.

Then, share your ideas. We’d love to hear them!

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