You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216 Every week, we gather questions that were asked on our Ask the Expert forum to share with our readers. Do you have a product or nutrition question? Simply visit

Q:  Is there a better time during the day to ingest certain products? We tend to follow the guidelines on the products while taking them. The ones that we take on a regular basis are the Daily Build, Coral Calcium, Organic Sulfur, Metabolic ONE, Greens, GoYin and Mila.

A: Some of the minerals in Daily Build may compete for absorption with minerals in Coral Calcium, so for optimal mineral absorption, it would be ideal to take each at a separate meal. Some take Coral Calcium before bed to help them sleep better. When you take Daily Build, be sure to take it with food.  Some of the nutrients in this product are fat soluble and will be best absorbed with fat typically found in a meal.  Mila and Greens can be taken with the other products. Organic Sulfur works best if taken with meals, and can be taken with the other products. Some recommend it on an empty stomach, but none of the clinical studies demonstrating its benefit required it to consumed in this manner. Metabolic ONE should be taken 15 to 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch only, and can be taken with the other products. The natural actives could make it difficult to fall asleep at night, if taken too late during the day.  And, GoYin works best if taken alone, on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon. We recommend following the usage guidelines on each product label.

Q: Is there a product/products that help with cholesterol?

A: There are several easy-to-use governmental sites that can educate you on cholesterol. While making your meals, you might want to add in our Mila product, which contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, ALA, or “alpha-linolenic acid”.  Omega-3 fatty acids help promote a healthy cardiovascular system.  This excellent product also contains fiber, including soluble fiber, which when used as part of a healthy diet, can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  For additional assistance with your healthcare needs, please consult your doctor. Please remember, Genesis PURE products do not treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Q: How long are the superfruit juices good while kept in the refrigerator after opening?

A: Our Superfruits, once opened, should be refrigerated and consumed within 30 days. Please see our FAQ regarding expired products at:

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