You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: How can one clean their cardiovascular system without using Cardio Cleanse?

A: In the future absence of Cardio Clean, we suggest two Genesis PURE products to help support overall cardiovascular health.

First, Daily Build is an excellent and comprehensive multi-nutrient supplement.  There are several ingredients that have been shown to help build and maintain cardiovascular health.  For example, vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that helps prevent the oxidation of fat in the blood vessels.  Vitamin E and tocotrienols (similar to vitamin E) and other antioxidants like vitamin C found in Daily Build help this function.  It also contains vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid (vitamin B9), which have been shown to reduce blood levels of a metabolite called homocysteine. An increased level of this metabolite has been implicated in development of cardiovascular complications.

Second, I suggest Mila which supports cardiovascular health in two ways. One, it is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber binds to water in the bowel and helps eliminate toxins from the colon. Most importantly, fiber also binds to unhealthy fats preventing their absorption into the body. This in turn helps the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Two, Mila is an excellent source of ALA, which is turned into omega-3 fatty acids in the body when consumed. Studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids can help promote and maintain healthy levels of triglycerides. These fats (triglycerides) found in the blood have also been implicated in cardiovascular health.  Healthy levels of triglycerides promote good heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and balance inflammatory mediators, which when out of balance can negatively impact the cardiovascular system.

Ultimately, the Genesis PURE products here are intended to support a healthy diet and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease, including cardiovascular disease. We strongly recommend you consult your doctor, share with him or her information about the products you are taking, and follow their recommended advice.


Q: What Genesis PURE products help cleanse the kidneys and how do they work? What Genesis PURE products help the thyroid and in what ways do they help?

A: Iodine, selenium, zinc, iron and copper are all important for thyroid function. Our Daily Build product is an excellent source of these ingredients. Our Greens product contains 25% DV of iodine. Our 360 Complete Shake meal replacement product and Coral Calcium product are excellent sources of zinc and copper. And, our Immune6 product contains 140% DV of selenium.

The best way to cleanse your kidneys is to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Phytochemicals, which have antioxidant properties, can also help clear buildup in the kidneys. Our superfruits are all excellent source of phytonutrients, or phytochemicals. We recommend you speak with your doctor or certified naturopathic doctor for specific products that will best support your thyroid. We recommend taking a list of the products you are taking/want to take, including their ingredients, which can be found on our Web site, to your doctor’s appointment. This will be a good place for you and your doctor to discuss an appropriate treatment plan, which may include the Genesis PURE products. Please note that Genesis PURE products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Q: Regarding the 360 Complete Shake, what does soy from lecithin mean? Which Genesis PURE products are soy free?

A: Lecithin, which is a fat and not a protein, is an emulsifier that helps prevent the separation of fat and water.  They are sometimes added to food products or supplements to help the ingredients suspend in water.  Lecithin is derived from soy, but the protein is intentionally removed during the process. And, lecithin is so highly purified that any remaining protein would be negligible. HealthTrim PURE Café and HealthTrim 360 Complete Shake contain lecithin derived from soy. GPS Recovery contains soy protein isolate which is a highly purified form of soy protein. Many of the non-protein constituents of soy are removed in this process including a significant portion of the isoflavones. Those are the only Genesis PURE products that contain soy.



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