Slow down on fast food

fastfood_0916 I know it’s tempting! That juicy hamburger or that chocolate covered doughnut are just too good to pass up. It’s easy to make that stop, especially when you’re out of time and have ravenous kids in the back seat.

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional fast-food hamburger. But if you are replacing nutritious foods in your diet with fast food on a weekly basis, you might want to rethink your routine. All that saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugar and sodium sure tastes good, but beware. You could easily take in 1,500 calories from just one meal alone. A general caloric recommendation for Americans is anywhere from 1,800 to 2,800 calories per day, depending on age, gender and activity level.So that one meal doesn’t leave you much room for anything else.

The top five reasons why you should not eat fast food:

  1. Since you can gain weight when you consume consume more calories than you burn, than eating fast food will only add additional fat and calories. A study published in “The Lancet” found that eating fast food more than two times per week can cause weight gain over time.2
  2. This same study noted that regular fast food doubles your chance of developing insulin resistance, heightening the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 2
  3. The prevalence of fast food restaurants in a given location is associated to an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. One study found for every 10% increase in the prevalence of fast food restaurants there was a 1.39 times greater likelihood of dying from a cardiovascular condition (Daniel, Paquet, Auger, Zang, & Kestens, 2010). 3
  4. All food may be prepared in unsanitary conditions.
  5. It’s fun to make your own food, and healthier too. And, there are some really delicious recipes out there. Some of my favorite sites include: Epicurious, Allrecipes and Yummly.

So how can you make a change?

Gradually! It starts with a commitment. You have to want to make a difference in your health and your eating habits. Once you’ve made that decision, start slow. Don’t give up your fast food entirely. This will take time.

When you’re eating out, leave off the sauces; choose salsa, yogurt, mustard, etc. instead of mayonnaise. Instead of fries, choose a fruit or yogurt cup. Replace sodas with water, and add Genesis PURE ENERGY for flavor. Choose grilled meat, not fried. And, cut your portions.

You might also want to replace some of your meals with Genesis PURE’s 360 Complete Shake. Each 160-calorie serving is ideal for people looking to replace a meal or avoid overeating between meals. It contains a unique potato extract and fiber blend that helps the body control feelings of hunger. Whey and pea proteins also contribute to the Shakes robust 21g of protein.

Start preparing your own meals, in advance preferably. Take time on the weekends to sit down and plan. Cooking your own meals gives you control over what ingredients are put into the dish and the health content. You are also free to make any ingredient substitutions that you please based on your dietary needs. And, preparing your own meals lets you control your portions (stay tuned for a blog post on Portion Control).

Here’s to Whole Health!




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