Curb your cravings

MetOne_blog0816 Your kids are yelling, you’re late for work, and someone put a dent in your new car. Stress…it’s an inevitable part of life, but how we deal with it is important for our well-being. When the pressure is on, do you tend to reach for that cookie or bowl of ice cream? Do you buy that candy bar or can of soda? It’s only natural to gravitate toward food as a coping mechanism, especially food that is high in fat and sugar.

‘Stress eating’ is a big contributor to the obesity epidemic in the U.S. Stress wreaks havoc by triggering a craving for carbohydrates. Sugar releases serotonin in the brain making us feel content, and so the cycle begins. When stress is chronic, our bodies naturally increase cortisol levels, which in turn tricks the body into thinking it’s hungry. Therefore, we eat. What is a stressed body to do?

Genesis PURE™ Metabolic ONE

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea and an important ingredient in Metabolic ONE. When combined with adaptogen herbs, it can help produce a calming effect, helping to alleviate stress.* This in turn supports the body’s ability to convert food into fuel. It also allows your body to utilize insulin more effectively, helping to curb appetite.*

Other ingredients:

  • Bitter orange can support a healthy metabolism and boost energy levels*
  • Chromium and Genesis PURE’s Proprietary Metabolic Blend helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Contains an excellent source of vitamin B6 and B5, essential for energy metabolism
  • Rhodiola can help fight fatigue in stressful situations*
  • Contains naturally occurring caffeine from herbs

Supporting a boost in your metabolism with Metabolic ONE while living a life of Whole Health — exercising, making diet changes, and getting proper sleep — are key for long-term weight management.*

When you are feeling stressed or want to rev up your metabolism, take two to three capsules 15-20 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Use Metabolic ONE as part of the Genesis PURE HealthTrim® program for best results. In addition, always consult a physician or licensed healthcare professional before using this product if you have sensitivity to caffeine or other stimulants.

Store in a cool, dry place. This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take this product if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or are taking any prescription medication, especially monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).


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