You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: What products do you recommend to support healthier sinuses?

A: None of the Genesis PURE products were designed to treat any disease states, including sinus or allergy issues. However, keeping your immune system in shape is always important, and that includes exercise, sleep and stress reduction. Our Immune6 product gives your body the vitamins and fortification is needs to sustain health and well–being during the change of seasons.* Immune6 helps build, invigorate, and support the body’s natural immune response.* It is an excellent source of the antioxidants vitamin C and selenium, as well as vitamin D3, all of which have been shown to support immune health.*

Q: Could our pills be broken apart and mixed with water for people that have had lap-band surgery? Or is that even a concern since it is a vegetable capsule?

A:  I would check with your physician to see if there is any reason he/she feels you should not break a capsule supplement apart.  In general, pills can be crushed and mixed with water. Due to the lap-band procedure that was undertaken, there are normally specific dietary guidelines for food and fluid intake that are advised by your practitioner to follow.  We suggest for that reason that your practitioner is aware of the supplements that you are taking, especially as they may have already recommended specific  supplements for you to take.

Q: What products have the highest levels of  Calcium? What about for Vitamin D?

A: Genesis PURE’s Coral Calcium has 150% of Vitamin D (600 IU)s and 53% Calcium (530 mg).  Daily Build has 100% of Vitamin D (400 IU), 360 Complete Shake has 50% of Vitamin D (200 IU) and 45% Calcium (450 mg).


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