You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: Do any of your products contain Vitamin K2?

A: Vitamin K2 comes from certain fermented foods, but it is not an ingredient in our products. It is just as important as vitamin D when it comes to protecting your bones. Our 360 Complete Shake and Coral Calcium products are excellent sources of vitamin D, as are Daily Build and Immune6. It’s important to remember that adequate levels of vitamin D help the body absorb calcium.

Q: What is the source for the color in ENERGY?

A: We use fruits and vegetables to color our ENERGY products. They contain no artificial coloring or sweeteners and they have no preservatives. And the caffeine comes from natural sources as well.

Q: Is there any product in the works to replace the Mila Bites?  

A: We do not have anything planned yet to replace the Mila Bites. We’re still researching the best route to take. You might want to check out our recipes: Chocolate Coconut Mila Balls and 360 Complete Shake Protein Bars are delicious!

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