Hats off to the Whole Health chef

culinarians_0716 Today, July 25, is National Culinarians Day. It’s a special day set aside to honor all chefs and cooks and to show our appreciation for their talent to turn ordinary ingredients into delicious, healthy meals.

Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  This rings so true to us at Genesis PURE. We believe that without proper nutrition, our bodies cannot function the way they were made to. It’s also important to recognize our nation’s rising obesity rate and our obsession with fast food. We all get caught up in the busyness of life and eating healthy often turns into a run to the closest take out—actions that neglect wholesome ingredients and the exceptional art of cooking.

When you compare our culture with others, it’s obvious that we aren’t very mindful about our food. The French spend hours a day going to different markets to find the freshest ingredients. The Italians enjoy preparing and sharing their meals with family at the dinner table.  Eating in other cultures is a social activity, done slowly and not on the run.

When was the last time you made a great meal? What did you make? Usually, what someone wants to cook and eat is representative of their life experiences, people of different cultures they’ve met, what they’ve learned and where they’ve traveled.

Now you’re cooking

Of all the things we can do for our health, being mindful about what we eat and connecting with our food matters. This means making it ourselves and appreciating where the food came from. . Make your own food by gardening. Next time you go shopping think about the history behind certain food. Enjoy making a great recipe and sharing it with friends and family for dinner.

Cooking is an essential human skill. Pass it down to your children who may not understand nutrition or how to make healthy choices. Introduce them to foods from different cultures and different flavors. Teach them the consequences of eating poorly.

If you enjoy cooking, kudos to you. If cooking’s not your thing, these ideas might whet your appetite:

  1. Clear your kitchen counters. It’s easier to cook in an uncluttered area.
  2. Cook healthy foods. Use fresh ingredients and incorporate herbs and spices in your cooking.
  3. Grow your own food in a garden.
  4. Get the right utensils: a sharp knife is a must.
  5. Understand the journey your food took to get to your table.
  6. Start with foods you love.
  7. Make your presentation visual appealing
  8. Appreciate and really taste the food you’ve made. Eat slowly and while sitting down with others.
  9. Learn to love to love the cleanup.
  10. Collect your favorite recipes in a favorite notebook, drawer or elsewhere.

Visit www.genesispure.com/recipes to find recipes using Genesis PURE products, from entrees, sides, soups to drinks and dessert. There’s also a Cooking with Mila guide that walks you through ways to use this versatile product. Have a creative edge in the kitchen? Create your own recipes using Genesis PURE products and share them with our Facebook community.

Cheers to the cook

If you go out to eat today, make sure you thank the chef. If you eat at home, thank the cook!  If you are the cook, enjoy your time in the kitchen! You don’t have to be a renowned, but do try to use the healthiest ingredients. Even if you set the fire alarm off, you’re still cooking!

Now get into your kitchen and celebrate! Have your friends over and cook up a Whole Health storm.

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