Ruby leaders celebrate success in Cancun

IMG_5557The Ruby Leadership Conference in Cancun, Mexico was paradise for qualifiers Marlin Dubetz, Caleb Fellenstein, Lori Serra and Ricky and Francoise Untermeyer. Congratulations to all of those who earned the trip. Your hard work and dedication paid off!

IBOs and their guests started arriving at the all-inclusive ME by Melia Resort Saturday afternoon, May 21, and headed straight for the white sandy beach and beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It was time to relax and soak in the sun. Later that evening we honored our incentive earners with a welcome dinner. We celebrated their success while watching a beautiful sunset.

We had so much fun for our leaders in Cancun this year!

Sunday was a leisure day for all. The day began with a delicious, healthy breakfast buffet including your choice of specialty juices, such as Energizing (banana, walnut, chocolate, milk), Blood Circulation (pineapple, peach, lime, orange juice), and Detoxifying (water, raspberry, apple). Those who brought Mila on the trip enjoyed a little extra nutrition! IMG_5692

There was playing in the waves, leisure time at the spa, parasailing, exercising in the gym, shopping at the local markets and eating lunch at various restaurants at the resort. Some guests did what the natives do and boarded the city bus to shop for souvenirs at nearby markets.

Many took advantage of waking up early to enjoy the sunrise while walking on the beach. Others went jogging into town, or spent time in the gym. There was something for everyone.

Monday’s excursion included a two-hour adventure driving your own speedboat along the tropical coast to a secluded snorkeling area. The weather was a beautiful 85 degrees and the water was warm as IBOs explored an underwater world, complete with sightings of a sea turtle, a small ray and even a parrot fish.

Tuesday was another day of leisure. And that evening, guests attended a VIP dinner cruise on a gondola, floating down a canal to the music of live mariachi singers. As the night grew, there was dancing and we all learned how to move our hips to the rhythm of the Mexican Ticky Ticky dance.

Just how wonderful was this trip? Ask thIMG_6933e IBOs and their guests.

“I’ve been on many trips, including Diamond incentives, and this was at the top. The activities have been unique and hands on. You’re not just on another boat tour, we drove the boats ourselves. We were swimming with the fish; we were in control.” Marlin Dubetz

Terry Fellenstein, Caleb Fellenstein’s mother, commented, “This trip was really first class. I love people and I love the ocean, and here I had both. I was going to get a massage, but decided I really didn’t need one. Just sitting by the ocean is total relaxation.”

Although this is the last of the Ruby trips, we have exciting new incentive trips on the horizon so stay tuned and don’t forget about Australia and Je Ju Island.  You still have time to qualify! Join us this August as we celebrate in Australia. Watch the 2016 Diamond Retreat Announcement at

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