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ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: Where do I find out about the 30-day Detox and Weight Loss program? Where is there a day planner for this program?

A: For the month of May, we are celebrating TransforMAYtion, a movement created to instill healthy habits for life. Join us at and find a workout calendar, exercise index and more. You can also find a 14-day weight loss program on our Fit Club page at as well as shopping tips, recipes and a smart goals worksheet. We are also working on a cleansing program that we hope to launch this summer. So stay tuned!

Q: Does the whey protein in the Complete Shake contain casein?

A: The ingredient in our Complete Shake is just whey, and does not contain any casein. Our other HealthTrim™ line of products, including Metabolic Boost, Green Coffee Bean, Cleanse and PURE Café, may help support health and weight management goals as well.

Q: Are the B vitamins in ENERGY and Daily Build synthetic?  I have a friend whose husband has a genetic disorder that will not allow him to metabolize the synthetic.  She looked at the product label and she reports that it is listed as Folate which is a synthetic form.

A: As currently formulated, Daily Build and ENERGY do not contain methylated, or natural forms of B vitamins. We are looking to update the Daily Build formula in the future and methylated B vitamins are on our list of desired improvements for the product. As far as concern for whether or not the current Daily Build and/or ENERGY are safe for someone with the genetic disorder you speak of, two primary points come to mind. First, the existing science that suggests the need for methylated B vitamins only applies to folate. Folate or folic acid is critical for many physiological functions. Elevated homocysteine levels are sometimes caused by this genetic error, but elevated homocysteine can occur in anyone. Non-methylated forms of B vitamins (B6, B12, and folate) have successfully reduced homocysteine blood levels even in individuals with genetic disorders.

Second, there is no evidence to suggest consuming non-methylated forms of folate is actually harmful to someone with a genetic disorder; however, if a person has a genetic error, 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid (methylated folate) is the preferred form of supplemental folate. This form of folate will be more readily utilized by these individuals. So, while it is not harmful, they still should take an additional source of folate in addition to Daily Build and ENERGY, if they choose to take it.

In the supplement industry, “synthetic” has no official definition. Commonly, synthetic ingredients are any ingredient that is not extracted from a whole food source. There are benefits as well as disadvantages to using synthetic vitamins and minerals.
Synthetic vitamins allow for greater consistency in the nutrient content of a product. Exact amounts can be added during the manufacturing of the supplement. Conversely, whole foods vary in nutritional content depending on soil, climate, and other growing conditions. One batch may have a significantly different nutrient profile compared with another. Furthermore, to create a product as nutritionally robust as Genesis PURE’s Daily Build, but made exclusively from whole food extracts, would be so cost-prohibitive that few could afford it. It would take two cups chopped red pepper, five oranges, or five cups of kale to provide the same amount of vitamin C found in Genesis PURE™ Daily Build.[1]

Some synthetic vitamins, such as folic acid, are also more bioavailable than the whole food variety.[2]  Others, like B12, are absorbed better since they are free from binders that exist in the whole food form. This is especially relevant for individuals with malabsorption disorders. In the case of vitamin B12, the synthetic form is actually more environmentally friendly, as well, since animal products are the only significant sources of B12.[3]

We are also aware of the disadvantages associated with synthetic vitamins; chief among them is the lack of phytonutrients. In addition to vitamins and minerals, whole foods contain phytonutrients that provide additional health benefits. For this reason, Genesis PURE products contain whole foods like herbs, superfruits, and sea vegetables, as sources of phytonutrients. We are committed to supporting your health and wellness and strive to maintain a high level of purity with our products.

We also want you to be aware that companies, who are talking about methylated forms of B vitamins imply the methylated forms are “natural.” This is not true. For example, we recently read an article that suggested cyanocobalamin is a synthetic cheap form of B12. They also talked about how methylcobalamin is the B12 in meat. While they do not directly say it, they are implying that the methylated form of B12 is natural from meat. However, methylcobalamin sold in supplements is also synthetic. In fact, it is created first by taking synthetic cyanocobalamin and processing it further the make methylcobalamin. We are not suggesting cyanocobalamin is just as good as methylated, but many are falsely suggesting methylcobalamin is natural when it is not.

Genesis PURE is aware of the benefits of using whole food supplements, as well as the benefits of using synthetic vitamins and minerals. To create superior products and maximize the health benefits our customers achieve with them, we harness the benefits of both.

[1] USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 26. 7 December 2011.  Available at
[2] Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Folate. Office of Dietary Supplements. December 14, 2012. Available at:
[3] Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin B12. Office of Dietary Supplements. June 24, 2011. Available at:
Broaden your nutrition education by reading the blogs from the Wellness Advisory Board: Make Your Resolutions Truly Healthy Ones, Love Yourself, Love Your Heart, Make Every Bite CountLive

Q: I am a new IBO, and I was wondering if I could access some of the published studies done on Genesis PURE products to validate claims of purity and natural sources.

A: All Genesis PURE products are sourced from high-quality suppliers in accordance with international trade regulations, are processed in facilities that comply with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and tested to ensure they comply with FDA guidelines for purity. We do not guarantee the source of any particular ingredient unless specified on the label as these may change from time to time.  Some ingredients are from synthetic sources and others are from natural sources. There is no such thing as a synthetic mineral but many of the minerals added to the Genesis PURE products are not derived from plant sources. When you see a vitamin or mineral on the ingredient list (not the nutrition facts section), the majority of the vitamin and mineral content in that product is from that added ingredient, not the natural plant ingredients.

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