Getting to know Dr. Tanya Reddick Rodgers

1458763152_1We recently talked with our newest member of the Genesis PURE Wellness Advisory Board (WAB), board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tanya Reddick Rodgers, and learned that not only is she an expert on skin, the largest organ of our body, but she enjoys biking, horror movies and more! We are privileged to have Dr. Rodgers on our WAB board!

 Where are you from?
“I am from Chicago, IL. and grew up mostly in the suburbs. I am the eldest of three girls.”

When did you know you wanted to become a doctor?
“Family and friends tell me that I wanted to become a doctor since the age of three. I don’t recall ever wanting to pursue any other career. Throughout my education, since elementary school, I was on the pathway to medical school. I was always considered a “smart” or “gifted” child. I remember reciting the Bible’s old and new testaments to the amazement of family and friends when I was just a toddler, and I have always had a love for science. Also, I was fortunate to have the most talented and encouraging teachers throughout my early schooling. I am blessed that this desire that was conceived while I was so young, remained a great fit for me through my secondary school training.”

What do you love about your career?
“Practicing satisfies my intellectual curiosity and interest in science, while allowing me to make such an important impact on my patients.  At first glance, other medical specialties may seem more impactful, but I think that dermatology allows me to treat disease that is actually visible to others, and it inspires an even greater level of gratitude from patients.  Skin disease can have an impact on one’s sense of self confidence or self-worth.  People are very thankful for what I do for them and that really makes me feel good.”

What is your favorite Genesis PURE product?
C’VOSA, of course!  I love that it is almost 100% natural.  Since my pregnancies, I’ve become so much more aware of the chemicals that we expose ourselves to in personal care products. Though the impact of the chemicals in skincare is debatable, I prefer to avoid potential risks if I can.  I already had a skincare routine prior to C’VOSA for treatment of my adult acne. I’ve replaced my usual cleansing and moisturizing routine with the C’VOSA system.  I don’t do the entire routine every night, but pick and choose from the components depending on what my skin seems to need that day. I am a working mother of four- and six-year-old boys, so Genesis PURE’s ENERGY comes in at a very close second!”

What is your favorite pastime?
“Spending quality time with my family. With two little boys, my husband and I are always busy exploring the world of pastimes that are new and enjoyable. We love to bike, enjoy movie nights at home on Friday evenings and we camp out in a tent in our backyard.

What do you do to exercise?
“I enjoy low impact cardio on my elliptical machine and light weight training. I think that many women erroneously avoid weight training due to concerns of weight gain or appearing bulky.  On the contrary, it actually plays an essential role in weight loss, metabolism and maintaining healthy bone mass with increasing age.  I would love to run more, but it’s hard on my knees.”

Do you have a favorite quote?
“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Tell us a few random facts about yourself.

  • I love horror movies
  • I am a former nail biter turned germaphobe
  • I am double jointed in my hands
  • I am a night owl

What is your favorite song?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Learn more about Genesis PURE’s two teams of highly dedicated professionals by visiting The Wellness Advisory Board (WAB) is comprised of five seasoned healthcare professionals, 4 physicians and one pharmacist, who provide ongoing guidance on product development, product claims, and product use protocols.


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