You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: Do you suggest putting C’ENCIA
on before a moisturizer?
Do you even need
a moisturizer?
Do you pat it or
rub it on?

A: A serum like C’ENCIA is intended to deliver ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin to provide benefits to troublesome areas. A moisturizer will offer local hydration and moisture to the skin when applied.  You can use any combination of C’ENCIA and C’VOSA products to customize your skincare routine. For best results, we suggest the use of the C’VOSA Cleanser to remove dirt from the face. Follow this with the C’VOSA Scrub to gently exfoliate your skin one to two times per week. Next, apply C’VOSA Toner to your face with a cotton ball to help hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Then with your fingers gently rub one to two pumps of C’ENCIA on your face and neck to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration that often appear with age. Finish your skincare routine with the C’VOSA Moisturizer and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing hours of hydration.

Q: I miss the PURE vegan peanut shakes!  Being lactose-intolerant, I am not able to drink the Complete Shakes.  I was wondering if you were going to be developing any new shakes that are lactose-free.

A: The vegan shake was created because of initial demand, but the demand was not sufficient long-term for us to provide them to our consumers at a reasonable price. Please know that as we move forward, we will continue to monitor demand for vegan products. Please note the only Genesis PURE products that currently contain dairy are Coral Calcium, HealthTrim Complete Shake, GPS Recovery, GPS Pro-Arginine, and PURE Café. All of our other products are produced in facilities that process dairy ingredients.

Q: I haven’t detoxed for about seven month’s. I’m going to buy the Cleanse tablets. How many Capsule Cleanse tablets should I take, and how long should I avoid certain things diet wise?

A: To achieve the optimal effects of Capsule Cleanse,  try taking it before you go to bed so it can work while you are sleeping. We suggest 2-4 capsules per serving up to twice daily. We suggest starting at a lower dose and add more, if necessary. You may also want to evaluate your fiber intake. Adults should consume 20-35g of fiber each day. An adequate intake of fiber helps with bowel movements and offers other health benefits (to learn more about fiber visit: If you are not consuming the proper amount of fiber, try increasing your daily intake gradually with plenty of water.  Our Mila product has plenty of fiber as well as healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Our Complete Shakes also contain a good source of fiber with other beneficial nutrients.

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