You asked, we answered

ATEoftheWeek_0216Q: How much vitamin C, A, and D3 are in each of the Genesis PURE superfruits per serving?

A: We do not test the vitamins C, A, or D3 in our superfruits, but if you are concerned about these nutrients then try our Daily Build, Coral Calcium, or Recovery products. We hope you take the time to try all of our Genesis PURE products.

Product Vit C (mg) Vit A (IU) Vit D3 (IU)
Daily Build- Liquid 400 4000 400
Daily Build- capsules 200 2000 200
Coral Calcium 80 3,000 600
Recovery 400 1,000 40

Q: Which products will cleanse/clear out, heal, and rebuild the intestinal system?

A: We provide high-quality products and some of our items are organic. None of our supplements were designed for Leaky Gut Syndrome. But we do have a wide variety of products to promote general well-being, support athletic performance, boost energy, and reduce the visible signs of aging. You may find our Daily Build, Mila, Coral Calcium, Probiotic, Organic Sulfur, Immune 6, superfruits, Fasting Solution, and Essential Oil products interesting.   Try exploring our  website to learn more about all of our products.

Q: I have a healthy customer that  is looking for a product to help with memory.

A: The Genesis PURE Energy line was designed to help stimulate alertness, enhance cognitive performance, ease fatigue, and promote wakefulness.* None of our other supplements were designed specifically for memory support. But we do have products that contain nutrients that are beneficial for brain health. Studies have shown that diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help support brain health. In addition, diets that meet the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for all nutrients will support brain and overall health.  A diet that includes vegetables, whole grains, omega-3s, and low-fat protein paired with a healthy lifestyle would be ideal for you and your customer.


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