The Genesis PURE™ PURE Energy Leadership Conference Recap







I’d like to take a moment to brag on Genesis PURE, not because I’m an employee and I love this family I belong to, but I truly agree with most of the attendees that this was our best event to date. It was truly epic in the number of attendees, and in the inspiration and motivation felt throughout. The energy was palpable in every room, and the passion for Genesis PURE products and the income opportunity was even greater.

What attendees said:

“It was an incredible event and your hard work was key to its success. It was one of the finest and well organized events that I have attended in 22 years in the industry. Congratulations!”

 “We have been going to conventions for three years and this was, by far, the best corporate event we have ever been involved in. Your entire team went above and beyond to make us feel special. We are blessed and honored to be just a small part of this company –the family that we call Genesis PURE. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our success.”

If you weren’t in attendance last weekend, you can read the highlights here.

New messaging – Genesis PURE delivers Whole Health!

 As a leading innovator in health and wellness products, Genesis PURE unveiled a new strategic focus designed to help people experience Whole Health. Genesis PURE’s new tagline, “We Deliver Whole Health,” conveys the company’s proactive and disruptive approach to health and well-being.  At the event, leaders announced the investment of significant resources to bring even more innovative products to market to help more and more people embrace a healthier lifestyle.

 Five new products

  1. C’ENCIA Revitalizing Serum, a Live PURE Beauty product, complements Genesis PURE’s existing C’VOSA skincare line. It features unique ingredients from science and nature to support the natural, youthful appearance of the skin. C’ENCIA was formulated in a state-of-the-art laboratory by anti-aging skincare experts and scientists. Unlike ordinary skincare products, C’ENCIA contains no parabens, sulfates, or artificial colors. Visit to learn more.
  1. New capsule forms of our Daily Build and Organic Sulfur products, Genesis PURE’s Everyday Essentials, are a welcome addition. New capsules provide a convenient, more palatable option for members and independent business owners who travel or prefer capsules over liquid.
  1. Genesis PURE’s Mila product, an Everyday Essential, received a new design with an improved look and feel. A uniquely beneficial raw chia is carefully blended, thoroughly filtered, micro sliced, then meticulously tested delivering the utmost in quality and optimal nutrition.
  1. New and Improved grape-flavored ENERGY, a Live PURE Performance product, is the most recent reformulation in the longstanding line of PURE Energy products. Improve mental focus* with natural sweeteners, adaptogen botanicals, and no added sugar.

New VIP Program

New and current VIPs can enjoy special treatment. Benefits include a VIP card, 450 VIP product points, eligibility for VIP treatment on incentive trips achieved, and preferred seating at corporate events.  Learn more at

New Membership Program

Members have special benefits! They get enjoy discounted Enrollment Fee, discounted annual fee and a product discount. They do NOT need to provide their SSN during the enrollment process. They also have a position in the binary tree. Learn more at

New trips and events

From stage, we announced our global celebration to be held at the extraordinary Jeju Island in South Korea. And, we want you to join us in October! We have simple qualifications to help you achieve this trip of a lifetime! All you have to do is sponsor 10 active members or IBOs during the qualification period, and of those 10, 4 must be IBOs that qualify for VIP.  Learn more at

Be there next time

If you missed out on the Leadership Conference in March, you still have a chance to attend some other major events. Contact your leaders to learn about the events near you and make sure you’re at the next one!

Enjoy these photos from PURE Energy.

IMG_5252 IMG_5262 IMG_5276 IMG_5282 IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5292


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