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ATEoftheWeek_0216 Q: I need more salt intake, to help me retain liquids. Should I use Hydration with the Energy sticks or use Hydration by itself?

A: Our Hydration can certainly help you get more fluids into your body.  Please note our Energy products contain caffeine which is a natural diuretic, a substance that promotes the production of urine.  Products that increase urination are normally avoided by most people when they are struggling to retain liquids.  You should check with your doctor to determine if our Energy is right for you and how you should increase your salt intake.

Q: Is it OK to blend and take Liquid Cleanse and Organic Sulfur together?

A: Yes, it is OK to blend Liquid Cleanse with Organic Sulfur.  Several of our IBOs blend a variety of Genesis PURE products, especially the superfruits. Experiment by mixing other Genesis PURE Products together to discover new and interesting flavor profiles.

Q: Is there an ingredient in Metabolic Boost that has a thyroid support blend?

A: Metabolic Boost contains ingredients from naturally-occurring caffeine that may promote a small increase in metabolic rate and support mental focus. Metabolic Boost contains a blend of essential nutrients, amino acids, herbs, and botanicals to support health and well-being.

Q: We recommend you speak with your traditional doctor or certified naturopathic doctor for specific products that will best support your thyroid. There are some fantastic resources you can utilize if you want to locate a naturopathic doctor in your area, including and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (  These two websites would be great places to find a doctor knowledgeable in both holistic and conventional medicine.  Some doctors may also do phone consultations if there is not one in your area.  We recommend taking a list of the products you are taking/want to take, including their ingredients, which can be found on our product page, to your doctor’s appointment.

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