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ATEoftheWeek_0216 We get many great questions every week through our Ask the Expert online tool. Oftentimes we get the same question asked multiple times. Every Monday, we will share with you the questions and answers from the previous week so you, too, may become better educated on Genesis PURE products.

Q: I am wondering exactly what is BGF and where do the growth factors come from found in C’ENCIA skincare.

A: Biological Growth Factors (BGF), is an ingredient in C’ENCIA skincare that is made of five different growth factors, one amino acid, and one vitamin. BGF helps hydrate the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while creating a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.
Q: What percentage of retinol palmitate is in Daily Build?  Why did they put this synthetic form of Vitamin A in Daily Build?

A: Vitamin A as a supplement is generally available in two forms: 1) preformed, such as vitamin acetate and palmitate, and 2) pro-vitamin A form (as beta carotene), which is found in plant based foods (i.e. fruits and vegetables). It converts into vitamin A as the body needs it. This is why it is called pro-vitamin A. The preformed versions of vitamin A (acetate and palmitate) found in the Genesis Pure products are predominantly considered synthetically derived. The advantage of these forms in some of our powder drink mix and liquid products is that they have minimal impact on color and taste. Most preformed natural sources of vitamin A available in a supplement are derived from cod liver fish oil.  In most instances, we include the pro-vitamin A form from beta carotene in our products as well. When we include beta carotene into our product formulas, we choose them from natural sources. In short, we use both natural and synthetically derived sources of vitamin A. Why include both? Some people lack the ability to adequately absorb beta carotene to obtain sufficient vitamin A, so by including a preformed source (acetate or palmitate), we ensure they are able to get some vitamin A into their body needed for optimal health. Beta carotene, of course, is an excellent antioxidant and converts into vitamin A as needed.


Q: How can I find the ORAC value of our products?  Which product(s) have the highest ORAC value?

A: Genesis PURE products are not tested for ORAC value — the measure of the strength of an antioxidant in food. Recently the USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL) removed the USDA ORAC Database for Selected Foods from their website due to mounting evidence that the values indicating antioxidant capacity have no relevance to the effects of specific bioactive compounds, including polyphenols, on human health. For more information on the government’s view on ORAC testing, please visit

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