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ATEoftheWeek_0216 We get many great questions every week through our Ask the Expert online tool. Often we get the same question asked multiple times. Every Monday, we will share with you the questions and answers from the previous week so you, too, may become better educated on Genesis PURE™ products.

Q: If I have Complete Shake for breakfast, I am hungry two hours later. I do not feel like it holds me over until the next meal. Is this common? What can I do to help this?

A: Try mixing the Shake with almond milk (roughly 35 calories), or another beverage of your choice. Try incorporating some berries into your shake to boost the fiber content of your breakfast. Meals high in fiber increase feelings of fullness and support weight loss. Try various fruits and vegetables without dressings and see which ones you like. Then try adding your preferred vegetable or fruit as a mid-morning snack.  I highly encourage you to eat your produce without dressing to save on calories. For example, one serving of Ranch dressing can be 140 calories while a plain carrot is only 30 calories. If you really like dressing or dips, try mixing dried dressing powders and herbs into plain or Greek yogurt (see recipe links below). To alleviate hunger, it’s best to eat at least six times per day. Drink eight 8 oz. of cups of water daily. If you have trouble consuming eight cups of water, try adding slices of oranges, lime, lemon or cucumber to enhance the flavor.

Recipes for dried dressings:

Q: Is there any other product other than HealthTrim® Complete Shake, GPS Recovery, HealthTrim Appetite Chews, PURE Cafe, and Fruit & Fiber that contains soy? Do any of our products contain MSG?

A: Yes, some Genesis PURE products contain soy.  Soy is a great source of protein, isoflavones, and many other nutrients and has been recognized for its nutritive value for centuries. While soy is generally regarded as healthy, it may not be appropriate for everyone. The following is a list of ingredients derived from soy and the Genesis PURE products that contain them.

  • Soy protein isolate – a highly purified form of soy protein.  Many of the non-protein constituents of soy are removed in this process including a significant portion of the isoflavones.  Small amounts of isoflavones still remain, however. The following products contain soy protein isolate: HealthTrim Complete Shake and GPS Recovery.
  • Soy lecithin – Lecithins are emulsifiers that prevent the separation of fat and water. They are also important components of cell walls and rich sources of the vitamin choline.  While some soy protein is found in soy lecithin, it is not likely to cause an allergic reaction in soy sensitive individuals. The isoflavone content of soy lecithin is also very low.The following products contain soy lecithin: HealthTrim Appetite Chews, PURE Café.
  • Soy fiber – Soy is a rich source of fiber.  Many of the health benefits associated with a high-fiber diet have been seen when individuals consume soy protein fiber. The processing of soy fiber removes many of the other constituents of soy.  Accordingly, isoflavone content in soy fiber is very low.  Fruit & Fiber is the only product that contains soy fiber.

Q: Is the soy isolate in Complete Shake organic? And, why include soy versus other forms of protein? 

A: No, the soy is not organic but it is all-natural. The soy was chosen for its nutritional and sensory benefits. It is easy to flavor and is a good source of protein for vegetarians. Soy has been consumed in the Asian diet for over 5,000 years. Consuming 25 grams of soy protein can lower the risk of heart disease according to the FDA. It may also lower LDL, help with weight management, and reduce risk of some cancers (NCBI review of soy ; Abstract- soy and risk of endometrial cancer; Abstract-phytoestrogen intake and endometrial cancer risk).  While soy is generally regarded as healthy, it may not fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Q: Why are the total carbohydrates so high (19g (Vanilla) and 16g (Cacao)) in the HealthTrim Complete Shakes? I use and love the shakes but how do I explain the high carbohydrate amount to potential IBO’s?

A: We get excited when people take control of their health and use Complete Shakes to meet their goals! The Complete Shakes are delicious, and were designed to help you get the nutrients and energy you need while dieting. A majority of the carbohydrates in our Shake comes from the fiber; 9 to 11 grams per serving. We incorporate a significant amount of fiber because it is important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. High-fiber diets not only help with weight loss, they normalize bowel movements, help maintain bowel health, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, help with digestion, and help control blood sugar levels. The recommended fiber intake for adults is 20 to 35 grams per day. The average American consumer only gets 10 to 15 grams per day. The Complete Shakes will help you reach your daily fiber goal. In addition, the 20 grams of protein paired with the fiber will assist you even more with your weight-loss goals!

Q: Are your essential oils clinical grade or industrial grade?  Where are they manufactured?

A: All Genesis PURE oils are sourced from high quality suppliers in accordance with international trade regulations, are processed in facilities that comply with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and tested to ensure they comply with FDA guidelines for purity. All the oils are certified organic which means each product goes through a rigorous process to meet the USDA’s and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) standards. The CCOF is one of the oldest certifying bodies in the U.S. They visit facilities and review farming and production practices to ensure those standards are being implemented.

Our essential oil manufactures are carefully selected.  All of our manufacturers meet the standards of Genesis PURE so you can be assured you are getting a high-quality product. Our quality team performs regular audits of our manufacturers to ensure they continue to meet our requirements. It is company policy not to disclose any information regarding our manufacturers. These rules are set in place to avoid having our competitors gaining access to that information.

Q: I’m looking for Genesis PURE products that are high in protein. I have an IBO who needs to stay away from high protein foods due to a medical condition.  Daily Build has amino acids.  Does that mean it has a high protein content? 

A: Daily Build does not contain protein. But it does contain a 295mg blend of amino acids (organic compounds that form together to make protein). Please see the list below for the current Genesis Pure products that contain protein. Stay up to date with the protein content of products by visiting the products information page  (select the products in question then click on Nutritional Info). Formulas are frequently improved and new products are added to the Genesis PURE family. Remember to have your customer consult their doctor to determine if the protein content of Genesis PURE products is right for them.

Products containing protein:

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