Ask the Expert: Frequently asked questions and answers from 2015

TopATE_0116 At Genesis PURE, we have an expert team that is dedicated to answering your product and nutrition questions. We compiled your most popular questions of 2015 to share with you here. You might find a topic related to a question you have.

Going forward, we will be sharing questions that come in on a weekly basis from our IBO’s and customer, so you can stay informed. Do you have a question for our experts? Join the conversation at

QUESTION: What products are safe to take if you are pregnant?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, recommended use of Genesis PURE™ products during pregnancy and lactation is not supported. Some herbs may pass through the placenta or in breast milk to developing babies. Some of the herbs used in the products have not been sufficiently studied to unequivocally guarantee their safety during such critical phases of development and should be used with caution. Please consult with your doctor about appropriate supplements for pregnant and nursing women.

QUESTION: Do you have any products that will naturally help with inflammation?
ANSWER: The FDA does not allow supplements to be marketed to treat or cure any disease. Since inflammation is considered a disease symptom, none of the Genesis PURE products are promoted as anti-inflammatories. To see all approved product claims, please see our How to Talk Guide at:

QUESTION: What is the shelf life of Genesis PURE products?
ANSWER: Most Genesis PURE products have a shelf life of two years. There should be a printed date on the bottom, either the date of manufacture or the expiration date. If it’s the manufacture date, the product should be good if kept in a cool place for two years following this date. Some products have specific recommended use once opened such as refrigerate or use within a certain number of days. Be sure to thoroughly read the label for all storage recommendations.

QUESTION: Is there a difference between Capsule and Liquid Cleanse?
ANSWER: There are similarities and differences between the ingredients in Liquid and Capsule Cleanse. Most people choose to use one or the other, or take half of both. Experimentation may help determine which product you respond to best. Some choose the capsule form if the strong flavor of Liquid Cleanse is not palatable. The main ingredient in both the Liquid and Capsule Cleanse is cascara sagrada. QUESTION: How much vitamin C is in GoYin?
ANSWER: There is no vitamin C added to the herbs and fruit juices contained in GoYin. Fusion is labeled to contain 14 mg (21% of DV) for vitamin C. This is provided by the fruit juices in Fusion.

QUESTION: What Genesis PURE products are gluten-free?
ANSWER: Mila is labeled gluten free. It is produced from chia seeds, which do not contain gluten. Additionally, Acai, Goji, Noni, Mangosteen and Organic Sulfur are also labeled as gluten free.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a product can be labeled “gluten-free” if the food does not contain an ingredient that is a type of wheat, barley, rye or any crossbreed; an ingredient derived from these grains which has not been processed in a way to remove gluten; or a process has been used to remove gluten and the resulting ingredient contains less than a regulated amount of gluten. While many Genesis PURE products have no gluten-containing ingredients, they may be processed in facilities that also process gluten. Therefore, some cross contamination may occur.

Fruit and Fiber mix contains barley and is the only Genesis PURE product with a known gluten-containing ingredient. ENERGY and Greens contain wheat grass and HealthTrim® Complete Shake contains barley grass, neither of which contain gluten; however, wheat grass and barley are ingredients which may have come in contact with other gluten containing grains and are at a risk for cross contamination. Other Genesis PURE products may be made on machinery that also process gluten-containing ingredients, creating the possibility of cross contamination with gluten. If you are extremely sensitive to even smallest amount of gluten, we advise caution before using the Genesis PURE products and recommend consulting with your physician before using the Genesis PURE products.

QUESTION: How do you use Genesis PURE Silver? What does it do for the body and why should we take it?
ANSWER: Silver is promoted as a supplement that may favorably influence health. There are few approved claims due to regulations imposed by the FDA. Many that use the Silver product do their own research from reputable sources online, such as the National Institute of Health and Harvard Medical School, and consult with their health care provider if they have any health concerns, to determine how best to use the product.

QUESTION: What is the recommended age for children to start taking GoYin?
ANSWER: At this time, use of Genesis PURE™ dietary supplement products by those under 18 years of age is not supported. Nutritional needs of children during growth and maturation are different from those of adults. Please consult with your doctor about appropriate supplements for children.

QUESTION: What is the difference between natural caffeine and other products that contain caffeine?
ANSWER: The caffeine in Genesis PURE products is derived from natural plant sources such as green tea, kola nut, and guarana. It may have similar effects to caffeine from other sources, such as coffee and should be avoided by individuals with caffeine sensitivities or have been told by their doctor to avoid using caffeine. To see which products are formulated with caffeine, please see our FAQ at:

QUESTION: What products contain ingredients that are derived from GMO sources?
ANSWER: When an ingredient is labeled in the ingredient list as organic or non-GMO, special measures are in place to ensure only non-GMO sources are used. For all other ingredients, if there is a GMO variety of that particular ingredient, there is a risk that the ingredient may be from GMO sources. There are still a wide variety of products that either have all ingredients labeled as all non-GMO or have an ingredient list composed entirely of plants for which there are not GMO crops. Options include: Liquid Cleanse, Greens, Mila, Alkaline Water Concentrate, Organic Sulfur, Silver, Cell Water, Super fruits, and the Essential Oils.

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