Invest in silver, invest in yourself

gosilvertips_0117The common metaphor, “silver lining,” connotates hope, optimism and comfort. It is something that is attainable and usually right round the corner, if you look hard enough. Life is the accumulation of the choices you make, and one of those choices is finding that silver lining — for yourself and your team.

Go Silver and illuminate the way

Reaching silver is attainable. Encourage your team to dedicate the next three months to Go Silver, or above, and the cash is theirs, and yours!

Tips for reaching Silver in three months:

  • Embrace your leadership. Be their mentor; they can’t do this without you. You are someone they trust, someone they should feel free to talk to, ask questions, and share comments. Drive yourself and your team to heights that you never thought possible.
  • Take advantage of social media. Build morale, create camaraderie, and form new relationships. Share how these products improved your family’s wellness.
  • Have and share a mantra. Mantras can lead to transformation. It’s like starting a new habit. Speak your mantra every day as each repetition brings you closer to success. For example: “This year is my turning point. From here on out, I am taking consistent action to change my life. My life will never be the same.”
  • Track progress. Anyone who has successfully reached their goals knows the importance of tracking their progress. It helps you stay focused, it puts things into small, doable tasks, and it let’s you see which activities give the best results.
  • Take advantage or those first 90 days. Accumulate personal PV during the first 90 days upon enrollment, and maintain a 100 PV Autoship, to receive the VIP treatment and more great benefits. One can also become eligible to earn the PURE Start bonus which includes an additional $600 and a Samsung or Apple smart watch. Access the PURE Start Flyer and the PURE Start Program Tracking Sheet.
  • Inspire travel. Achieving Silver, or above, will also help someone earn a trip to the Emerging Leadership Retreat in Fort Worth in 2017.
  • Set daily/weekly goals for yourself and your Genesis PURE business. Dedicate time every day to engage with your existing downline and new people. Motivate them.

 When they succeed, you succeed.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” You are in the business of growing and developing the skills of your people. Share Go Silver and remind everyone that they will achieve cash every time they rank Silver or above, for a total of $1000 for qualifying individuals.*

If you want more, you have to become more, so attune your mind to abundance today and Go Silver! Embrace this event and learn how to drive yourself and your team to new heights.

Look for that lustrous, shining, silver lining. It’s waiting for YOU. We can’t wait to see what great things you will accomplish in the New Year.


*By March 27, 2017, Genesis PURE is offering an additional bonus for first-time rank achievers of Silver or above. $150 for first time, $350 for second time, $500 for third time. Qualifying individuals have the potential to earn up to $1000! FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS, VISIT GENESISPURE.COM/PROMOTIONS.


Getting to know Daren Hogge, Genesis PURE’s CEO

darenhogge_ceo_smHere at Genesis PURE, we firmly believe that people are an asset. And our newest, and most important asset is our CEO, Daren Hogge. Daren was the founder of GoYin and formed the company in 2006. He was instrumental in the start of Genesis PURE in 2008 and led that team as president until 2012. In his 29 years in the network marketing industry, Daren has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality.

Here is your chance to get to know Daren a little bit better.

  • What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?  Surround yourself with positive people who have an influence. You are the sum of those you hang around with, and it’s important to keep positive, uplifting people in your life and to maintain good connections and relationships in everything that you do.
  • What is your all-time favorite song? Big Iron by Marty Robbins
  • What is your all-time favorite movie? It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Do you have a favorite app? ESPN, where I can check scores and get updates on the sporting community.
  • Is there a gadget you cannot live without? That would have to be my iPhone. It has everything that I need and it’s a great way to stay in contact with our employees and Independent Business Owners.
  • What was your very first job? My first job was growing pumpkins from sun up to sundown on a farm. I still enjoy farm work and working with the land.
  • What are your highest values? Honesty, integrity, accountability, commitment and trustworthiness. I’m also a huge fan of people taking responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • What is one of your greatest successes? The creation of GoYin; not only the product but the company which later became a major part of Genesis PURE. I am very proud of the formation of this company. Despite its challenges, it has continued to move forward. I think it’s important for every employee to know that great companies go through periods of challenges or what I call ‘pruning’, and those that come out on the other end have an opportunity to become one of the great ones. We are in that perfect place right now so although the challenges aren’t fun, they are necessary for the expansion and growth as we head into the future.
  • Who are your heroes? My parents. They both grew up in very humble circumstances and showed us through their work ethic how to treat others. They are both very charitable and have always given more than they have received, and I believe that is a great principle in life to follow.
  • What is your favorite place to vacation? In the United States, Boston. Internationally, the Dominican Republic.
  • What are your goals for the next six months? With the great foundation here at Genesis PURE and the wonderful employees, we are going to accomplish some exciting things in the next six months. I have been talking to the leaders and they are very focused on an amazing 2017. As we continue to support the IBOs, as all the employees have, it will be a spectacular year!

Read Genesis PURE’s press release announcing new leadership here:


Can you name the biggest health-and-fitness trend to rule 2017?

2017_fitness-trends-blogEvery year, there are new trends in fitness and nutrition that take the world by storm. Last year it was coconut oil, juice cleanses, barre workouts, meditation, and bone broth, just to name a few. What will become mainstream in 2017?

Let’s look ahead. Have you ever heard of or taken a sound bath? Hint…there is no water involved.  A sound bath is a type of meditation that employs sound waves (more on that below). You will likely see these in 2017, along with wellness vacations, magnesium supplements and adaptogenic herbs.

The biggest trend of all?

Genesis PURE’s new Rally28™ weight-management system, of course! This easy, flexible, 28-day program helps you reach your weight-loss goals with products that feature Craving-Control Technology, help you burn fat and curb cravings, and help you power through fatigue. It has everything you need including a blender bottle so you can take your meals on the go, and a tape measure so you can track your results.

Participants everywhere are throwing their unhealthy habits into reverse and getting back on track to a lifestyle of Whole Health. They are learning the secret to a healthy lifestyle, from the help of Genesis PURE’s top-quality products, satisfying eats, tracking tools, and a supportive community.  Learn more here.

More trends you will see in 2017

  • Adaptogens. These are botanical compounds from nature that help the body handle stress and fight fatigue, slowly and gently. Much like a thermostat works to balance the temperature inside a home, adaptogens help balance the body’s adrenal system, which is in charge of managing the body’s response to stress and fatigue. Genesis PURE’s Moomiyo Edge, a product in the GPS line, combines moomiyo extract, an adaptogen, with an array of other adaptogens such as golden root, reishi, cordyceps and codonopsis to boost your workout performance and help improve recovery time.* Ginseng is also an adaptogen which is used in many Genesis PURE formulations. ENERGY contains American ginseng. ENERGY contains Indian ginseng, or Ashwagandha (an adaptogen). Daily Build, Fasting Solution and ENERGY contain Siberian ginseng.
  • The wellness vacation. These all-in-one vacation/spa/retreat/boot camps are a popular way to refresh the mind and body. Companies such as Well & Being are bringing customized fitness, nutrition, integrative medicine, mind-body therapies, and advanced skincare to luxury resorts. Even Marriott hotels offer amenities such as air purifiers, organic mattresses and posture-supportive flooring, for a minimal upgrade.1
  • Dream meditation. This new kind of meditation is all about training your brain to dream consciously. Dream Reality Cinema, is a company hoping to help teach us how to lucid dream (control exactly what happens in your dream). This new form promises to unlock information stored in the subconscious while helping with sleep and stress disorders.
  • Magnesium. Americans are deficient in magnesium which can cause negative side effects like muscle cramping and insomnia. Magnesium helps relax muscles for restful sleep and regulates blood pressure already in normal range.* A great way to get your magnesium is by taking Genesis PURE’s Coral Calcium liquid dietary supplement.
  • Sound Baths. This is a trendy form of meditation that utilizes sound waves to put the body into harmony. The vibrations from crystal bowls, which are “played” with a mallet in various patterns is thought to reduce anxiety, pain and aid sleep disorders.
  • Longevity Foods. This is a new name for superfoods. Things like black garlic, avocado oil, nutritional yeast, dragonfruit will make a big difference in diets everywhere. Black garlic has been aged and is loaded with more antioxidants the raw garlic. Avocado oil contains high concentrations of unsaturated fats and vitamin E. Nutritional yeast is packed with nutrition, particularly B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. It is low in fat and contains no added sugars or preservatives. It tastes great on popcorn or added to soups, gravies, and sauces. Dragon fruit contains Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, fiber and antioxidants.
  • Boot camps. Getting a full-body training session in a team environment is really popular. Plus, you will meet like-minded people. When they see you are missing, it gives accountability a community vibe.

Do any of these inspire you to try something new? If there is a trend we did not mention and you would like to share, please do so.

One thing is for sure. These trends all point toward a shift to a healthier lifestyle, something important to all of us here at Genesis PURE. We believe that experiencing a life of Whole Health all comes down to the basics: getting proper nutrition, quality exercise and adequate sleep.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Genesis PURE™ dietary supplements will be listed in 2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference

pdr-productsWe are proud to announce the inclusion of our line of high-quality dietary supplements in, the PDR digital version for downloading, and the 2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference® (PDR®) publication.*

The 2018 edition of the PDR will provide an explanation of Genesis PURE and a listing of five of our dietary supplements: Daily Build, HealthTrim® Cleanse (Liquid), Grape ENERGY, Cacao 360 Complete Shake, and Metabolic ONE. It gives Genesis PURE an additional boost in the scientific community, and helps strengthen every independent business owner’s position as an exclusive leader in the distribution of Genesis PURE products.

“We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious publication,” stated Bobby Love, Genesis PURE’s president. “The PDR is a great reference to have in terms of added credibility, as the PDR is a well-respected publication in the medical community.”

PDR has been the authoritative source on prescription drugs for 71 years. Found in virtually every physician’s office, pharmacy, clinic, and library, no medical reference is more current, more recognized, or more respected. The PDR contains full, FDA-approved drug label information, including warnings and precautions, drug interactions, and hundreds of full-color product images. Every label in PDR includes information on dosages, side effects, and safety information, such as contraindications, pregnancy ratings, and interactions with other drugs, food, and alcohol. The 2018 edition will include nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs. Data on clinical trials are also included.

*U.S. formulations only.

Are you ready to rally?

aaronI decided to take the plunge, feet first, into Rally28.

Within the past year I gained 45 pounds (thanks to fried okra and French fries). I felt tired, heavy and depressed. I just couldn’t keep trudging along feeling out of shape, even a bit out of control. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t believe in diets or weight loss programs, but Rally28 is different. It’s about “Whole Health”. I promised myself that I wouldn’t concentrate on the weight loss, rather I would focus on living as healthy as I could moment by moment.

At first my mind (ego) tried to make the system more complicated than it had to be. After I read the guide and talked to my team captains, I realized how simple it was — a system that I could follow even after the 28 days. Through this process, I discovered that my eating, exercising and sleeping was less than “perfect”. Some days I exercised over an hour and other days I barely made it 30 minutes. I knew if I wanted to complete the 28 days and actually make a lifestyle change, I would have to listen to my body. I trusted when I was sore, tired and not feeling 100 percent. That feeling of being off-beat would eventually pass.

The vegan challenge

As a vegan, I had to adjust what Genesis PURE products I could take. The Rally28 system is flexible enough that even the pickiest eater, such as myself, can find something they like. Even though the system suggests to eat six small meals daily, I never found myself hungry. I took advantage of the unlimited vegetables tip in the guide. Taste is important to me, so if I didn’t like the way something tasted, I knew the plan would not stay in place. To eat healthy, I had to find new recipes online; Rally28 participants also post healthy recipes on the Rally28 Facebook page (we’re in this together).

The one thing I love about working here at Genesis PURE is that I can try all the products. I did take Metabolic Boost (now Metabolic ONE) and had positive results. During the 28 days, I lost 20 pounds and the extra weight is still melting away (fingers crossed). I took HealthTrim® Cleanse at the beginning, as recommended. I also took Daily Build and the superfruit juices and throughout the 28 days and counted those toward my fruit intake. I added Mila to my cereal for extra protein. I also drank water daily and took Organic Sulfur which seemed to help with achiness, especially after a tough workout.


Before Rally28, I slowly started to condition my body, since I haven’t exercised in a while. I stretched well and warmed up because I’m not a spring chicken. This helped me ward off any pulls or strains. After a couple of weeks I was increasing the intensity of my exercise and I started do more interval-type training. I began to see results and felt better physically. My body started to crave the workouts, just as I was craving vegetables. I promise you, if I can survive and thrive with Rally28, anyone can!


I focused on getting better sleep, too. I noticed the closer I got to eight hours of sleep a night, my days seemed to go more smoothly and the less I seemed drag during the day and while exercising. The better my workout, the better sleep I would get.

Whole Health, diet, exercise and sleep had an obvious effect on each other. For me, balance plays a major part in living a healthier lifestyle for the long haul. To achieve Whole Health is a daily practice. I know that my routine is not always perfect, but when I slip I just get right back in the saddle. I just focus on the simple daily actions and the results seem to come naturally without needing to obsess over them.


Rally28’s guide and Facebook group encouraged me to stay accountable and responsible for my daily habits. Recording my daily food, water, supplement intake, and sleep was eye-opening. The guide gave me targets to shoot for and inspiration to keep me going. Having a community of people around me also helped. They supported my efforts as I did of theirs.

I am very grateful for Rally28. This system really has helped me practice a more healthy and prosperous way of life. Every day I practice this healthier way of life. My hope is that everyone who participates in Rally28 sees positive changes with their health one step at a time. You can improve your health, I truly believe that!

Are you ready to rally?


Aaron is a Sales Support Representative at Genesis PURE. He has dedicated himself in the last eight years to being healthy, expressing joy and improving himself since losing more than 200 pounds. He enjoys vegan food, skateboarding, reading self-help books (applying that knowledge), making people laugh until they cry, and collecting gemstones everywhere he goes.


Making your 2017 New Year’s Resolution(s) Stick

resolutions2017_1216The year 2016 has flown by and I am ready for the excitement that 2017 will bring! I am carrying forward several accomplishments from the year: I took two great vacations, I made some new life-long friends, and I achieved a cycling personal record.

I usually start writing my resolutions list on January 1. I will likely include things like: Finish that novel; eat more salad; and, lose weight.

Research has shown that 45% of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution; some of the top ones include losing weight, getting organized, saving money, staying fit, learning a new skill, and enjoying life to the fullest.1

People who make resolutions are ten times more likely to retain their goals than people who don’t make resolutions. The end of every year is a great time to assess prior accomplishments, whether personal or professional, and plan for the coming year.

Here are some tips to help you stick with your resolution(s), and succeed, in 2017:

  1. Break it down: Don’t use the New Year to create a large bucket list of goals to accomplish, either personal or professional. You may have a big goal, but breaking it down into milestones will help keep your spirits up and easily see your own progress. For example, if you set a weight loss goal, exercise more, quit smoking, and manage your stress, chances are you will not meet those expectations set for yourself.  Trying to tackle too many goals at once can leave you overwhelmed and eventually abandoning all goals.  Instead pick one or two goals to manage at a time.
  2. Be Specific: Setting specific goals can lead to greater performance. If you want to lose weight, for example, change “I want to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks,” to “I want to be able to do 100 pushups within 3 months,” or “I want to be able to complete a 5K in my hometown.”
  3. Find a partner: Share your weight loss goals with a family member and/or friend. Find a buddy with similar goals so you can motivate each other to stay on track. By asking for support, you’re able to strengthen your own resiliency.
  4. Don’t let the bumps in the road get you off track. Make sure you’re able to attach personal value to your goals and focus on progress each step of the way. Be sure to self-reflect throughout the year, not just on December 31. Ask yourself: Am I on track with my goals? What changes can help me achieve success? Are there other changes in my life I can tackle?
  5. Find a program that helps you stay on track. Genesis PURE’s new Rally28 weight-management system offers a simple, yet effective way to help you change your body and your life. A winning combination of Genesis PURE’s proprietary Craving-Control Technology and sustainable fat-burning ingredients support weight loss while you develop healthier habits for real, lasting results. Learn more at

Once you’ve accomplished your goals, be sure to check in periodically to ensure you don’t backtrack. I hope these guidelines can be put to good use and help you achieve your goals for 2017.

All of us at Genesis PURE wish you a New Year of Whole Health!


5 Ways to Take the “Work” Out of Networking.

businessblog_1216 How many networking functions or social events did you attend last month?  Have you given yourself a quota of phone calls to make each day?  New people to connect with on social media?

Whether you’ve been in direct sales for decades, or just a few days, you know the holy grail of business building is networking.

But knowing and actually doing are two different things. So many of us fall into the trap of believing that networking is simply making phone calls, going to networking functions, collecting business cards, or spending an afternoon on LinkedIn.

Not that these things don’t work – they do. But, because networking to build your business is not an option, it helps to know, or to be reminded of, some new ways to approach meeting new people.

All of this may be simple for you if you’re a “Super Connector”, a person who seems to be able to effortlessly connect the dots in the universe to establish tons of new relationships. But if you’re like most of us, and could use a suggestion to light the fire, then here are a few tactics to consider as you work to build your relationship base.

Think relationships.

Facebook is one thing, but meeting face-to-face is still the best way to build a relationship with someone. It’s the difference between developing a relationship and a lead, and can ultimately be the difference in your earning power.

It’s not about the number of connections you have on LinkedIn. It’s about how deep those connections go. And the best way to start to develop deeper connections is to meet in person, and to ask yourself, “How can I help this person?” rather than, “How can this person help me?”

Add value. Bring ideas. Solve problems. It works.

Listen online.

Doing more and listening less is a symptom of our super busy lives, but to build new relationships, learning to slow down and really listen is critical.

You can listen in person, but it’s also possible to listen online.  Log on to Facebook, the best business-to-consumer site, to see how many people are talking about health and wellness, Genesis PURE, and the competition. You’ll start to see certain viewpoints emerge.  This social listening is an effective way to put your finger on the pulse of the marketplace, and perhaps join in the conversation, leading to a new relationship.

Focus on a diverse audience

The Millennial generation, transitioning military, and people who are stuck in a career that gets them down, can all find an opportunity within the networking marketing industry.

Millennials are looking for alternatives to the classic “work at a corporate job until you retire” scenario. They are also a very influential group in the health and nutrition and retail categories.

Veterans, transitioning military and military spouses find that owning your own business means they can take their job anywhere. It gives them the opportunity to put family first and work on their own schedule, and it helps them meet people in their new environment as they share their business.

An opportunity to launch an independent business in any field empowers millions who have felt discriminated against because of their lack of education or expensive job training, or their inability to adhere to a fixed employment schedule due to family or personal obligations.

By developing relationships with more people and different groups, you could tap into markets that are ripe to try something new.

Trade in your sticky notes for a tool that helps you stay organized

Through Genesis PURE, you can sign up for an online system called LIVE PURE PRO. It’s a must-have tool to help generate leads, maximize engagement, leverage pre-written email templates, automatically respond to new prospects, and simplify tasks to drive recruitment and more.

A SmartSender function allows the user to send links, pdf’s, videos, and images from their computer or mobile device to customers and social media. It also enables the creation of customizable emails and you can filter through resources for quick navigation.

Genesis PURE Independent Business Owners can sign up for this new tool at An information webinar is also available at — a great way to learn how this online tool can help build your business.

Focus on the person. Not just products.

Genesis PURE products are fabulous, and we’re all passionate about them. But many people you talk to are not necessarily aware of Genesis PURE, or of the benefits inherent in incorporating these products into their lives. So start by finding out what makes this person – or this group of people – tick.

What is it about their health that keeps them up at night? What do they wish they could change most?  Ask open-ended questions, rather than those that can be answered with just yes or no.

This leads directly to the solution – and chances are, there’s a Genesis PURE product that will help provide it.


Use Genesis PURE’s Rally28 weight-management system to build your network. Ultimately, we want to lead a movement in better health and long-term weight management. Find someone who is  interested in weight loss or nutrition. Find people who want to better control their eating habits or wish to gain energy. Find someone interested in gaining muscle mass. Share the program and make a difference in someone’s life.

Follow up. Really.

Easy enough. Or is it?

Some say sending a quick email or a LinkedIn request to connect within 24 hours of meeting a person is a good rule of thumb. And remember, you may need to follow up more than once. Walking that fine line between following up and becoming annoying is always a challenge, but persistence truly can pay off.

Listen to your IBO colleagues, your Sponsor Tree, and others in the business to see what tactics they use to keep themselves motivated, inspired, and able to share the passion that we all have for Genesis PURE.

Then, share your ideas. We’d love to hear them!